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Apex Legends' Next Hero Is Titanfall's Ash

The new Stories from the Outlands video teases Ash's story and sets a sinister mood.


Respawn Entertainment dropped a new Apex Legend Stories from the Outlands video featuring the upcoming Legend Ash. Ash is a simulacrum--a robot with a mechanical body but human mind--and is originally from the Titanfall franchise.

It is no surprise that she's the next playable character, since the latest Apex Legends' Twitter comic featured Ash prominently. In the storyline, Horizon thought Ash was her friend Lilian Peck and input codes to awaken Ash's former memories and consciousness. Horizon then finds out that Ash is actually Dr. Reid, her former assistant who betrayed Horizon and the Pathfinder group. In The Truth, it is shown that Dr. Reid was heavily injured by Amelie Paquette, who inflicted the mortal wound that triggered the operation to turn Dr. Reid into a simulacrum.

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The character trailer also suggests that Ash has a split personality--with Dr. Reid, the human personality, struggling against Ash, the simulacrum. The reason behind the personality struggle is unclear, but the upcoming season likely will dig into the murderous simulacrum's complicated psyche. We do know that the operation to becoming a simulacrum is "unimaginably" traumatic, as stated by an off-screen voice during the video, so that could be one of the reasons why there's two clashing consciousness in Ash.

Apex Legends Season 11 will likely start in November. Most Apex Legends seasons run for around 13 weeks, and Season 10 launched on August 3. The new weapon CAR SMG will also arrive in Season 11.

In other Apex Legends news, there's a Halloween event live in-game until November 2. Called Monsters Within, the event brings back the Shadow Royale limited-time mode and adds a new Arenas map called Encore. You can check out our Apex Legends: Monster Within guide for everything you need to know about the event.

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