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Apex Legends' Next Character Just Had Her Diary Posted To Twitter

The entries paint a picture of a lonely teenager with killer aim.


Four curious diary entries were uploaded to the official Apex Legends Twitter account this afternoon. Set in 2729--five years prior to the current events of Apex Legends, which take place in the year 2734--the entries appear to be penned by a young girl. Between her self-portraits and love of hunting, it's possible that the author is Vantage, a sniper-focused legend who was leaked back in March.

When the leaks were posted, Newcastle and Vantage were the only characters in them with completed 3D models. Newcastle became the following season's debut legend, leading some to speculate that Vantage may be next to join the legend roster. The current theory is that she could arrive at the Apex Games alongside a new map: Cleo, the partially-destroyed moon of Seer's home planet, Boreas. Her cold-weather gear and long-range abilities would certainly make sense on an icy moon map with an enormous crater in it.

The first of the four diary entries mentions that the author is lonely, that she wishers her grandmother were still alive, and that her mother never mentions her grandmother. This detail is never expanded upon further, but we do get a look at the author's recent hunting bounty, which hints at new forms of wildlife that players may encounter on the new map. The author claims she has killed the following creatures over the course of the previous week:

  • 2 Wooley Prowlers
  • 6 Polar Hares
  • 4 Water Flyers
  • ½ a Growler

Regarding the Growler--which, from the sound of it, is a more dangerous variation of the standard Prowler players can find on World's Edge and Storm Point--the author explains that she only managed to wound it.

Entry two reveals that the author hunts not just for fun, but out of necessity. She says she wishes her mother would come hunting with her, then tells a story about a bird she discovered that was caught in a tangle of brambles. Interestingly, she hypothesizes that larger animals leave these brambles behind to catch smaller ones. This could mean that these brambles are another environmental feature of the new map.

Regarding the trapped bird, the second entry ends with a sketch of a young girl flashing a peace sign while riding a bird.

"Anyway, I didn't want the bird to be stuck and sad so I helped it get free," the author explains. "After it was free and I let it fly for a bit, I shot it and ate it."

Page three describes the author's loneliness. She pines for a playmate--specifically a brother, to help out with the chores she doesn't enjoy (carrying home heavy kills, cleaning and dressing them, cleaning the fire pit, and resetting the snares and other traps once they've caught some prey). We also learn that the author's copy of Encyclopedia Outlandica does not include photos of Leviathans, the gentle giants lurking in the waters surrounding Kings Canyon. The author laments the lack of photos, writing that she hopes to see one eventually and, ideally, kill it.

"One day I'll shoot one and we'll have meat for the rest of our lives!" she writes, confirming that though she enjoys hunting, she hunts out of necessity, not for sport.

The final entry contains a sketch of a sniper rifle and a self-portrait of a young girl who looks similar to Vantage.
The final entry contains a sketch of a sniper rifle and a self-portrait of a young girl who looks similar to Vantage.

The final page contains another self-portrait, and the text consists of the young author pondering whether her mother reads her diary, before deciding that she probably does. ("If she had one I'd look. Hi mom! What do you think of my drawing?" writes the journal's author.)

The last entry describes the author's chronic boredom and loneliness. She states that she wishes she had some friends to talk to instead of her gun. The last sentence says, "How was your day?" though it's not clear whether this is part of the drawing (depicting her literally talking to her sniper rifle) or if it implies that her diary is an open book meant for her mother to see as opposed to a private place for intimate secrets.

The tweet's caption implies the author and her mother are the only human inhabitants on the entire planet, which makes sense if that planet is indeed Cleo, an icy, abandoned, heavily damaged moon. While only time will tell what Season 14 has to offer, it does seem like a new map is on the way, and the diary author's focus on marksmanship certainly lends credence to the theory that the sniper-loving Vantage will be the next character to join the Apex Legends lineup--there's even an illustration of a sniper rifle sketched on the final page of the diary.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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