Apex Legends' New Update Has A Very Big File Size

The System Override patch is a big download no matter what platform you play on.


If you're an Apex Legends fan, you might want to clear some space on your hard drive, because the game's new 6.2 patch is a hefty one. Coming in at 32.5 GB on PC, 33 GB on Xbox One, and 18.5 GB on PS4, it's one of the bigger game updates in recent memory. According to the patch announcement, this large size is intended to allow developer Respawn to ensure that future patches are smaller.

"As an FYI, players will notice this patch size is larger than most," Respawn explained in a tweet. "This was done so that future patch sizes will be significantly smaller than what they've traditionally been."

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This event introduces a new limited-time mode called Déjà Loot, where all the loot spawns in the same location for the duration of the event, with the plane path and circle locations will shift on a daily basis. According to developer Respawn, this is intended to reward players for learning the map in the short-term. Tweaks have also been made to how Bloodhound plays and to make Wattson less of a must-have.

The event also includes a new item, the Evo Shield, a body shield that increases in strength as its wearer does damage to non-downed players throughout the match. Furthermore, it introduces 24 themed, limited-time cosmetic items that are available through Apex Packs (i.e. loot boxes) or through direct purchase. There are more changes in the patch notes.

Apex isn't the only game that's caught flak for large patch sizes recently. In February, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Season 2 update clocked in at 94 GB on PC and 51 GB on PS4.

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