Apex Legends' Most Played Characters Change With Each Season, Says Respawn

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In a recent interview with video game magazine Game Informer, Apex Legends general manager Dusty Welch and game director Chad Grenier touched on which Legends are played the most and how characters evolve over time.

Like most games with a changing hero or character pool and in-game meta that's being constantly adjusted, players drifted towards different Legends with each season, but Wraith and Pathfinder were consistently high picks across the board. In the interview, Welch and Grenier spoke about which Legends were the most popular.

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"Caustic has been [most popular] from a pro player or tournament standpoint. He's been an interesting player favorite, especially when they get into the final areas," said Welch.

"We've seen in competitive play Wattson has been a popular pick. It also changes with the game. When we released the Winter Express game mode, Gibraltar was by far the favorite," Grenier added.

Ever since the 4.1 update, Wattson has become less of a must-have pick thanks to Respawn changing how in-match inventory works. Before the patch, you could hold two grenades per inventory slot, allowing you to easily stockpile grenades and bombard others with what seemed like a never ending supply of explosives in the final circle. Players used this method a lot, with interior spaces becoming a death sentence in most games. The only counter to this was to have Wattson on your team, as her Interceptor Pylon can destroy incoming ordinances, like grenades.

Legends character Bloodhound was changed in patch 4.1 as well, with their abilities being altered to reflect their original recon character concept more. The technological tracker is now getting their own town takeover on World's Edge with the upcoming The Old Ways limited-time event, which also finally implements Duos as a permanent mode.

Apex Legends is still in the midst of Season 4: Assimilation, though Respawn has already hinted that Season 5 will have a nice surprise for Titanfall fans.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article both misgendered Bloodhound and incorrectly described the influence of Update 4.1 on Apex Legends' in-game meta in regards to Wattson. Both errors have been corrected.

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