Apex Legends Mobile Your Challenge Awaits Event Guide

The latest event to hit Apex Legends Mobile tasks players with completing Ranked Mode challenges in return for mobile-exclusive rewards and other free loot.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5: Hyperbeat launched a little over a week ago, bringing with it a series of seasonal events that reward players with free in-game cosmetics, currency, and other loot. Hyperbeat's latest seasonal event, Your Challenge Awaits, is a Caustic-themed LTE that rewards players who complete the event's challenges with several items, including a mobile-exclusive legend skin for Caustic.

But there's a catch: These challenges can only be completed in Ranked Mode, so any players hoping to obtain all of the event's prizes need to prepare themselves for some seriously sweaty gameplay. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to help you complete the Your Challenge Awaits event as quickly (and sweat-free) as possible.

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Getting started

When you first log in to Apex Legends Mobile, a link to the Your Challenge Awaits event hub will appear in a series of several pop-up ads for various seasonal events. Select "Go!" to reach the event hub, but don't worry if you accidentally close the pop-up too quickly--the event hub can be accessed manually by selecting the purple "Season Event" banner on the upper right side of the main lobby screen, which will take them to the Hyperbeat Hub. From there, select "Your Challenge Awaits" from the list of currently active events.

Alternatively, you can access the event hub by selecting the "Limited-Time" tab at the top of the Hyperbeat Hub, then selecting the "Your Challenge Awaits" tab from the vertical list of events that will appear on the right side of the screen.

Challenges and Challenge Points

Once you reach the event hub, you'll get a chance to look over the event's challenges. There are seven challenges total, with each completed challenge rewarding players with a certain amount of Challenge Points. You'll need 250 Challenge Points to obtain all rewards, meaning all seven challenges must be completed to get the mobile-exclusive Caustic legend skin.

The Your Challenge Awaits event's challenges--and the amount of Challenge Points you will receive for completing each one--are as follows:

  • Play 10 matches in Ranked Mode: 30 Challenge Points
  • Finish in the top 10 in 5 Ranked Mode matches: 30 Challenge Points
  • Win 5 Ranked Mode matches: 50 Challenge Points
  • Kill 10 enemies in Ranked Mode: 10 Challenge Points
  • Kill 20 enemies in Ranked Mode: 20 Challenge Points
  • Deal 2,000 damage in Ranked Mode: 30 Challenge Points
  • Reach Platinum I in the current Ranked season: 80 Challenge Points
The event hub, featuring challenges and a closer look at the Tag It Up avatar frame
The event hub, featuring challenges and a closer look at the Tag It Up avatar frame


As you gain Challenge Points, you'll meet a series of benchmarks that give you special rewards for accumulating certain amounts of Challenge Points. The Challenge Point benchmarks and corresponding rewards are as follows:

  • 50 Challenge Points: Tag It Up user avatar frame (Epic)
  • 120 Challenge Points: 2,000 Hyperbeat Coins (used to redeem rewards in the Hyperbeat Store)
  • 250 Challenge Points: Flames and Fumes Caustic legend skin (Rare)


You may have noticed that one of those challenges stands out from the rest. While the first six challenges can all easily be completed all in a single day, the final challenge--which requires players to reach Platinum I in Ranked Mode--is no small task.

The best way to approach the Your Challenge Awaits event is to completely ignore the first six challenges, and focus your attention solely on the Platinum I challenge. You will almost certainly complete the other six challenges as you grind your way up to Platinum I, so keep your eyes on the prize and make progressing through the ranks your main priority.

Don't be afraid to go after kills to take advantage of kill-based RP, but remember to think before you act (or shoot), and stick close to your squad. Most importantly, communicate with them. Apex Legends is a game based on teamwork, and you'll have a much easier time completing this challenge if you abandon the lone-wolf mindset that dominates so many Apex Mobile matches. Turn on and make use of the game's voice chat, be patient with your team, and help your squadmates locate the weapon attachments and other gear they may need.

Speaking of squadmates, if you're struggling to locate competent players, playing as a pre-made squad with your friends is always the best option. But if you're struggling to convince your IRL friends to join you, another good option is taking advantage of the game's lobby chat, where players are constantly posting requests for teammates to play Ranked Mode with. Answer a fellow player's message or post one of your own and you'll find yourself quickly rising through the ranks (and if you're lucky, also making some friends along the way).

Caustic's Flames and Fumes legend skin is the event's final reward.
Caustic's Flames and Fumes legend skin is the event's final reward.

The Your Challenge Awaits event ends on September 6 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET, so if you're hoping to complete the final challenge to get those last 80 Challenge Points, you'll want to get started as soon as possible--when it comes to ranked challenges, time is of the essence. But if you're looking for an event that's not quite as time sensitive, check out our guide to the Let's Jam! event, which runs until September 20.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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