Apex Legends Mobile - Unleash Punishment Event Guide

Players who want to uncover Fade's backstory will have to do some legwork to put the puzzle together.

Apex Legends Mobile's Unleash Punishment event.
Apex Legends Mobile's Unleash Punishment event.

Respawn Entertainment's recent launch of Apex Legends Mobile has brought many features that are currently mobile-exclusive. One of those features is the season's debut legend: Fade. But unlike previous Legends, Fade hasn't been formally introduced to players via an episode of Stories from the Outlands. But there's a very good reason for that: Uncovering Fade's mysterious history is up to Apex players themselves.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: Prime Time has launched with a much smaller battle pass, and many players have already noticed that the transition screens unlocked in the console/PC version of the game appear to be absent from the Prime Time battle pass. Players typically gain information about each season's plot via weekly in-game story chapters and transition screens, which are full of lore. But a closer look at Apex Mobile reveals a Fade-centric story event that players will quite literally have to piece together. Here's a breakdown of the Unleash Punishment event and how to reap its rewards.

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Unlocking Fade

To unlock Fade as a playable character, players must collect 10 Fade Pieces, which can be found in the Prime Time premium battle pass. Once you reach level 25, you'll have enough Fade Pieces to unlock him. If you're feeling impatient, you can also purchase him for 750 Syndicate Gold.

Fade Chips

Not to be confused with Fade Pieces, Fade Chips are collectibles that can be found within Apex Mobile. Collecting 11 of them will unlock Fade's Unwavering Focus skin, and collecting all 12 will unlock the 6th and final piece of his backstory along with a set of stat trackers and some currency that can be used to purchase items from the Event Store.

Fade's Unwavering Focus skin, which can be unlocked once 11 Fade Chips have been collected.
Fade's Unwavering Focus skin, which can be unlocked once 11 Fade Chips have been collected.

Fade Chips can only be found in non-ranked battle royale mode, and can be discovered while looting in-game. So far, we've had the most luck finding them in supply bins--the Fade Chip will pop right out onto the ground, similar to the way daily Treasure Packs are used in the console/PC version of the game.

Just like Treasure packs, you can only loot one Fade Chip per day, so it's wise to log in daily if you're hoping to complete the story before the event ends on May 27. Apex Legends Mobile is available for iOS and Android.

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