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Apex Legends Mobile: Tips For Team Deathmatch

Here is how to dominate in Apex Legends Mobile's Team Deathmatch mode.


Apex Legends Mobile has finally launched, bringing the battle royale phenomenon to mobile devices. While Apex Legends Mobile does feature the battle royale that made the PC and console version popular, it also includes a new exclusive mode. Team Deathmatch pits two teams against each other in a smaller area to see which team can rack up the kills quicker. Here is how to dominate in Apex Legends Mobile.

How Team Deathmatch works in Apex Legends Mobile

Team Deathmatch is a 6v6 mode, where the team to rack up 30 kills first wins the game. Each team can only have one of each Legend and you can choose two weapons to spawn with from a wide selection. Apex Legends Mobile has two versions of Team Deathmatch. One has spawns in base and the other has random spawns. In the first mode, players always respawn in the team's base and in the other, players respawn randomly around the map. Play whichever mode you prefer, however the couple of matches of base spawns I played resulted in one team stuffing the other in their spawn.

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The best Legends for Team Deathmatch

Apex Legends Mobile has a smaller selection of Legends, much closer to the early season of Apex Legends than the current roster, with the addition of one exclusive legend, Fade. Ultimate charges carry over between deaths, so it makes sense to pick a Legend with offensive abilities, like Bangalore or Caustic. Legends like Lifeline, who have abilities focused around healing and support items, are less useful in this mode, especially since players can't be revived in Team Deathmatch. The best Legend for team Deathmatch currently is Octane, because of his passive ability, which automatically heals health after not taking damage for a period of time. In TDM, shields auto-regenerate after not taking damage, so combined with Octane's passive, you will constantly regain both health and shields.

You need to have multiple Legends in mind whenever you load into a match, since all six team members pick different Legends. The entire team picks at the same time, so if you aren't quick enough, you won't get to play your preferred character.

Tips for dominating in Team Deathmatch

You have access to most weapons in Apex Legends Mobile in Team Deathmatch.
You have access to most weapons in Apex Legends Mobile in Team Deathmatch.

One of the most important parts of Team Deathmatch is picking at your weapons. You choose a primary and a secondary weapon from the entire base loot pool. That means care package weapons, like the Volt and Spitfire, cannot be selected, although care packages do drop during matches. The smart move here is to pick two weapons that compliment each other and that you feel comfortable using. Personally, I run the R-301 and Peacemaker, giving me strong options at close range and medium range. If you aren't sure which weapons are best for you, try out a few different ones. You can switch weapons whenever you die, so you aren't locked in.

Ammo works differently in TDM as well. There are no ammo drops on the map and opponents don't drop ammo whenever they die. Instead, ammo is tied directly to each weapon, which people do drop when they die. You spawn with a healthy amount of ammo, but if you find yourself on a long kill streak, you might run out. The only way to get more ammo is to pick up a weapon someone else dropped.

Every player has the same set of armor and each weapon is set with the exact same attachments when you spawn. However, you can find better loot around the map, in both care packages that drop and in Loot Ticks that can be found hidden around each map. These can contain better attachments and armor, so keep an eye out.

Being aggressive, even overly aggressive, is also important. While the battle royale mode is won by players who are good at both surviving and getting kills, you have unlimited respawns in TDM. You should be aggressive, because getting kills is far more important than surviving. As long as you can get more kills than deaths, you benefit your team. That said, not dying is still important. In TDM you have unlimited shield cells and syringes, so you can always heal back up. It's important to know that after not taking damage your shield will start to regenerate, so focusing on using syringes first will get you back in the fight quicker.

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