Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 Gameplay Trailer Gives A Closer Look At Fade's Free Signature Weapon

Today, players got a sneak peak at some of the content hitting Apex Mobile when Season 3: Champions goes live tomorrow--including an evolving Signature Weapon for Fade that can be earned for free.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions is just under 24 hours away from launch, and the new season will be bringing quite a few new features to the game. Today, players got to see those features in action after Respawn uploaded a Season 3's gameplay trailer.

The trailer is relatively short, and though it does give players another look at Ash's abilities, it doesn't contain much new information, as players have already been introduced to Season 3's debut legend, Ash, via the Season 3 launch trailer. This--combined with the recently-posted developer diary and patch notes--paints a pretty clear picture of what players can expect this season. Namely, the introduction of the Rampage, The Coliseum Town Takeover, a mysterious, unnamed Halloween event, and the no-Respawn-Beacon-necessary Second Shot Blitz LTM. But there is one unexpected surprise in the Champions gameplay trailer: Fade's Signature Weapon has a few secrets for players to unlock. This was briefly touched on in the patch notes, but seeing The Constellation's evolutions in action for the first time was certainly a treat.

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In last week's launch trailer (and the "Meet The Constellation" animated short that followed it), players got a good look at Fade's Signature Weapon, The Constellation. Throughout both the Season 3 launch trailer and the Meet The Constellation trailer, Fade's Signature Weapon appeared to change shape, starting out as Wolverine-esque claws and later transforming into what appears to be a large blade.

Most players assumed Fade's Signature Weapon would operate exactly like the Heirloom Weapons featured in the console and PC versions of Apex Legends. Heirloom Weapons often have incredibly detailed inspection animations, so seeing Fade's Signature Weapon change form in the trailer didn't seem too strange at first glance.

But today's gameplay trailer revealed something unexpected: Fade's Signature Weapon functions more like the evolving Prestige Skins found in Apex on console and PC. Unlike Heirloom Weapons, it appears that Signature weapons change appearance over time. Though Apex's Prestige skins evolve as players rack up damage, they have only three different evolutions. Fade's Signature Weapon has six different levels that players must reach to unlock the weapon's final form, and each level changes the appearance of the weapon.

Heirloom Weapons must be bought or unlocked randomly, but Apex Mobile's Signature Weapons can be earned for free.
Heirloom Weapons must be bought or unlocked randomly, but Apex Mobile's Signature Weapons can be earned for free.

Unlike Prestige Skins and Heirloom Weapons (which can cost hundreds of dollars, depending on how you acquire them), Signature Weapons can be earned for free by collecting Signature Merits. You'll need 400 of them to unlock The Constellation, but the good news is you can get a head start right now, as some currently active seasonal events have Signature Merits among the rewards players can earn for participating.

Apex Legends Season 3: Champions goes live tomorrow, October 18 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. But if you're itching for something to do in the meantime, make sure you've finished your Aftershow Battle Pass, consider taking on the Rising Through The Ranks event challenges, or go for a shopping spree and spend those Hyperbeat Coins before the cosmetics in the Hyperbeat Store disappear for good.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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