Apex Legends Mobile Rising Through The Ranks Event Guide

This season's Ranked Mode rewards are Epic with a capital E. Do you have what it takes to ascend the ranks?


Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5: Hyperbeat launched alongside a large collection of cosmetics (via both the Hyperbeat battle pass and the Hyperbeat Store) and an equally large number of seasonal events. The most recent of these events, Rising Through The Ranks, is the very first of its kind, and tasks players with ascending the tiers in Ranked Mode while unlocking prizes along the way.

Previously, seasonal Ranked Mode rewards weren't revealed until the end of the season (or very shortly beforehand). But as of Season 2.5, players can now see the upcoming Ranked Mode rewards and the challenges they'll need to complete to obtain them. Keep reading for a closer look at the Rising Through The Ranks event, along with some tips to help you climb all the way to Masters and unlock that awesome mobile-exclusive Bangalore skin.

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Getting started

Depending on how recently you've played Apex Legends Mobile, you may or may not be greeted by a splash screen advertising the event when you first log in. Select "Go!" to be taken directly to the event hub. If the splash screen does not appear, you can reach the event hub by selecting the purple "Season Event" banner on the right side of the main lobby screen. This will take you to the Hyperbeat seasonal hub.

From there, select the "Limited-Time" tab located at the top of the Hyperbeat hub. Then select Rising Through The Ranks from the vertical list of events that appears on the right side of the hub. Currently, Rising Through The Ranks is at the top of the event list, so its event hub is displayed by default once you select the "Limited-Time" tab.

Bangalore's Carmine Honor skin is the reward for reaching Masters.
Bangalore's Carmine Honor skin is the reward for reaching Masters.

Challenges and rewards

This event's challenges all require you to--as the name suggests--rise through the ranks in Ranked Mode. You'll receive a different reward for each rank you hit, starting with Silver V. The Rising Through The Ranks event challenges (and corresponding rewards) are as follows:

  • Reach Silver V in the current season: Golden Standard Alternator SMG weapon skin (Epic)
  • Reach Gold V in the current season: Funslinger Lifeline banner pose (Epic)
  • Reach Platinum V in the current season: Bombs Away Bangalore banner frame (Epic)
  • Reach Diamond V in the current season: Medical Medalist Lifeline legend skin (Epic)
  • Reach Master in the current season: Carmine Honor Bangalore legend skin (Epic)
The Rising Through The Ranks event hub, featuring challenges and Ranked rewards
The Rising Through The Ranks event hub, featuring challenges and Ranked rewards


The challenges themselves are pretty straight-forward--you just have to hit the listed rank. However, ranking up far easier said than done. Succeeding in Ranked Mode often comes down to pure skill, but there are some choices you can make to improve your chances of winning matches, or at least surviving them long enough to rank up. Follow these guidelines to ensure you squeeze as many RP as possible out of each Ranked match,

Tread lightly. It's easy to absentmindedly hot-drop and start spraying and praying, especially if you lean towards a "shoot first, think later" playstyle, but Ranked Mode requires a more thoughtful approach. The gameplay advantage gained from wearing decent headphones to play Apex Mobile cannot be overstated--it improves spatial awareness immensely, and also gives you an edge over the competition, as a large number of players are using low-quality earbuds or even relying on their phone's external speakers. Being able to hear footsteps and other environmental cues clearly will keep you from walking into a trap, and makes ambushing unsuspecting enemies a cinch.

Kill and chill

You don't have to be a rocket scientist (or a time-traveling astronaut) to understand that the objective here is to gain as many Ranked Points as possible, and that getting kills is an excellent way to do so. But once you hit the RP ceiling for kills, it's time to slow your roll. Even if you haven't hit the RP ceiling, it's good to consider whether going in for the kill will end in your favor before you actually attempt it. Save thirst-kills for non-ranked play.


You know that nice headset I mentioned earlier? Use it--all of it. Turn on your mic, talk to your teammates, and relay your plans before you go speeding into Skull Town in search of a quick death (looking at you, Octane mains). Take advantage of the ping system, and make sure you're keeping an eye on your teammates as well.

Find a friend

Even if you can't get a full pre-made squad, just having one non-random teammate in your party can make all the difference in the world. Apex Mobile's lobby chat is always incredibly lively and full of friendly folks looking for competent teammates for Ranked play, so there's no excuse not to take advantage of it. Respond to another player's post or make your own. List what mode you prefer (first- or third-person), your current rank, and what your goal is. Then squad up and prepare for the drop.

Stick to the squad

Once you're geared up, start looking out for your squadmates. See what weapons your teammates are using and if they're missing any attachments or hop-ups. Ping high-tier body shields, and for the love of all that is holy, if you're playing Lifeline, heal up your injured squadmates. Operating Apex Mobile's healing item wheel without a controller is almost as painful as taking a thermite grenade to the face. If your squadmates are injured, use Lifeline's drone to heal them. If monitoring your teammates' health is too difficult for you (and there's no shame in that--Ranked matches are tense and it's easy to get sidetracked), you need to play a different legend and let a more experienced teammate take the support role.

Lifeline's Medical Medalist skin takes more than skill to earn--it takes teamwork.
Lifeline's Medical Medalist skin takes more than skill to earn--it takes teamwork.

The Rising Through The Ranks event can be frustrating--it will take time, teamwork, and a great deal of patience to make it all the way to Masters, but it's doable if you plan ahead and play wisely. Thankfully, the event is live for the remainder of the Ranked season, so you've got a good amount of time to assemble your squad and ascend the ranks. But keep in mind that if you want to become an Apex Predator, you'll need a squad that has your back--lone wolves need not apply.

The Rising Through The Ranks event ends on October 18 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. If you're looking for a Ranked challenge with lower stakes, check out the Your Challenge Awaits event before it ends on September 6.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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