Apex Legends Mobile - Revenant Legend Guide

Despite his notoriously bad attitude, Apex Mobile's latest addition to the legend lineup is surprisingly user-friendly.


Apex Legends Mobile's new Underworld update introduced Revenant as a playable character. Originally debuting on console and PC in Season 4, this unfriendly neighborhood murderbot has an abilities set that packs some serious punch (literally). With a resurrection totem that grants his squad a get out of jail free card and the ability to temporarily block enemies from making use of their own abilities, Revenant dominates on the battlefield, further aided by his unique climbing and crawling skills.

But like Ash and the rest of the mobile squad, Revenant's introduction to the mobile game only increased his power, adding a set of mobile-exclusive perks he can make use of to wreak even more havoc on his foes. These perks allow players to tweak Revenant's abilities to suit their own individual tastes and playstyle, but with so many perks to choose from, it's easy to overlook some hidden gems. Keep reading for a guide to Revenant's new mobile perks, along with some tips on how best to use them to your advantage in the ring.

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The basics

Callsign: Revenant
Real Name: Kaleb Cross
Age: 44 (upon death), 313 (as a simulacrum)
Homeworld: Solace
Cost: 750 Syndicate Gold (roughly $7.50 USD) or 10 Legend Shards

Once a Syndicate hitman, Kaleb Cross pushed one of his targets too far, and paid the ultimate price: his life, or so he thought. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Revenant was resurrected (against his will) as a simulacrum with thousands of spare "shells" that effectively made him unkillable. After murdering Season 4's debut legend on live TV and taking his place in the Games, Revenant set out on a mission to locate his source code, with the hopes of destroying it and finally being able to find peace in death.

Unfortunately, one Loba Andrade has made that difficult for him--after getting her hands on Revenant's source code, she told the simulacrum that she'd disposed of it, damning him to a fate worse than death: neverending life, trapped in a metal prison. That said, he kind of had it coming, given the fact that he murdered her parents right before her eyes when she was a child. Now, unaware that Loba hasn't truly disposed of his source code, he's got a new mission: Make Loba's life a living hell.

Revenant can be purchased for 750 Syndicate Coins or 10 Legend Shards.
Revenant can be purchased for 750 Syndicate Coins or 10 Legend Shards.


Revenant has the same abilities in the mobile game as he does on console and PC.

Passive: Stalker

Cooldown: N/A

Revenant can crouch-walk faster and climb higher than other legends.

Tactical: Silence

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Revenant throws a device that deals 10 damage and disables enemy abilities.

Ultimate: Death Totem

Cooldown: 180 seconds

Revenant summons a totem that protects those who use it from death for a set amount of time. Instead of being killed or downed, mortally-injured players will be returned to the totem.


Like every mobile legend, Revenant comes with a total of nine perks, though only three may be equipped at once. There are three types of perks, and only one perk of each type may be equipped at once.

An in-game explanation of how Apex Mobile's Perk system works.
An in-game explanation of how Apex Mobile's Perk system works.

Revenant has the following perks:

General perks

  • Death Stalker: Revenant gains an additional boost to movement speed when crouch-walking.
  • Creeping Dead: Revenant can climb with additional horizontal control.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Climbing reloads Revenant's weapons.

Finisher perks

  • Battle Adaptation: Using a finisher adds 100 points to Revenant's EVO Shield.
  • Deadly Momentum: Using a finisher reduces Death Totem's cooldown by 30%.
  • Interrogator: Using a finisher reveals the location of the enemy squad on the minimap.

Ability perks

  • No Rest For The Wicked: Death Totem also grants Stalker.
  • Fear Paralysis: Silence also slows the enemy.
  • Zombie Siphon: While Revenant is under the Death Totem's protection, every knockdown restores health.


Do look up. With airborne legends like Valkyrie and Horizon not yet in the game, most players are thinking horizontally. As Revenant, you need to think vertically. Revenant's climbing abilities allow him to scale the full height of the parking garages on world's Edge. Use this to your advantage to get the drop on your enemies--or escape them. If you find yourself low on health or unarmed with an enemy on your tail, focus on breaking their line of sight, then immediately climb the nearest large object and prepare to laugh--there's a good chance the enemy will run right past you. Even if there are no climbable buildings in sight, Revenant's ability to climb higher than the other legends means you can pull this move off just about anywhere. Climb until the enemy has passed, then drop down behind them and finish them off with a well-aimed headshot.

Silence, please! Revenant's tactical Silence ability is incredibly powerful, and also does a little damage. There is rarely a time when this ability doesn't come in handy--the only real downside is its bright red glow, which immediately lets everyone know exactly who they're facing. Still, the visibility factor can also come to your aid in a pinch. Even if you don't hit anyone with Silence, it's perfect for blocking doorways, as most players are reluctant to shoot when they can't see. They're also reluctant to walk directly into an orb of undead robot magic that damages them and prevents them from using all of their abilities. If you're sheltering in a room with no door to slam shut, use Silence to make one.

Know thine enemy. You'll also want to keep an eye out for enemy legends with ability sets that can put you at risk. Wraith, for instance, is a character who must be silenced on-sight, because the minute she starts taking damage, she'll be zipping into the void and out of sight (the same goes for Ash, especially given the mobile perks that allow her to effectively spam her Phase Breach). Lifeline is another ideal target--especially if there are any downed squadmates within her reach.

Silence can also prevent Gibraltar from making use of his Gun Shield or throwing down his Dome of Protection, and prevents Octane from Stim-ing off into the sunset before you can get some bullets in him (it also cancels out his Swift Mend passive, meaning whatever damage you deal to his health will actually stick. If there's a legend you find particularly vexing to face, think twice before you run. Instead, use Silence to defang your foes. Aiming it can take some practice, but you'll notice aim-assist frequently coming to your rescue in this regard, so it shouldn't cause you too much trouble. If you're still struggling, take Revenant to the Firing Range for some practice.

Crawl like the wind. Revenant's ability to crouch-walk rapidly and near-silently is perfect for planning an ambush, especially given the fact that Revenant has access to parts of the map that many legends can't easily access. If you see a sniper parked on the roof of a building, conspire with your squad and don't just go in guns blazing. Send a teammate to distract the enemy, then use Revenant's Stalker ability to quickly and quietly crouch-walk or climb up behind your enemy, catching them off-guard and sandwiching them between you and the rest of your squad.

Park wisely. It should go without saying, but the placement of Revenant's Death Totem is vital to surviving sticky combat situations. If you're standing too close to a wall, the animation will play, but the Death Totem won't actually appear, so be sure you've placed it properly before you go running blindly into a storm of bullets.

But making sure the totem deploys correctly isn't the only issue to keep in mind--its placement is of utmost importance. Make sure you don't place it too close to a firefight, or you'll find yourself finished off just as fast as you were resurrected. You'll also want to make sure it's out of sight, as it can be destroyed by enemy gunfire. No Death Totem, no resurrection.

If you're the only person who will be using it, it's wise to climb somewhere out of reach to deploy the Death Totem. But in order for your teammates to use it, they must be able to touch it, so make sure you announce when you're going to use it. Make sure to place it somewhere that can be easily accessed by teammates, but not easily seen by enemies.

With a little practice and perk-manipulation, you'll be topping the scoreboard in no time.
With a little practice and perk-manipulation, you'll be topping the scoreboard in no time.

Ideal loadout

Here's our preferred three-perk loadout for Revenant:

General Perk: Death Stalker. As much as we wanted to love Creeping Dead, Death Stalker gets our vote for best General Perk, as Creeping Dead's horizontal maneuverability is negligible in practice. The added speed boost to Stalker makes ambushes a cinch, and increases the likelihood that you'll reach your target before they've moved to another position. Revenant practically flies up buildings and other climbable surfaces with this perk equipped.

Finisher Perk: Battle Adaptation. As one of the few perks available to every legend, Battle Adaptation is almost always the best choice for Finisher Perk. Pulling off finishing moves in Apex Legends Mobile is far easier to do than it is on console and PC, so you'll find yourself doing it frequently. Truly, there is no greater joy than knocking out Lifeline's abilities before she can revive her squad, then adding an extra 100 points to your EVO Shield when you finish her, just to add insult to injury.

Ability Perk: Zombie Siphon. Fear Paralysis is a close second, as the added slowing effect on enemies affected by Silence can buy you that precious fraction of a second you need to finish reviving a squadmate or popping off a Shield Cell. But ultimately, the ability to regain health while under protection from Revenant's Death Totem will make you a force to be reckoned with, rewarding you with increased health for every downed enemy. If you're confident in your ability to get a couple knockdowns each time you use the Death Totem, choose Zombie Siphon. If you find yourself struggling to get those kills, go for Fear Paralysis, as its slowing effect makes taking down enemies a bit easier

Revenant's perk tree features nine mobile-exclusive perks, along with other unlockable rewards, like Syndicate Packs.
Revenant's perk tree features nine mobile-exclusive perks, along with other unlockable rewards, like Syndicate Packs.

Of course, Revenant's mobile perks all have their own merits, and there's no wrong way to play him. Revenant's solid ability set makes him an easy legend to master, so as long as you're communicating with squadmates and taking advantage of Silence, you really can't go wrong.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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