Apex Legends Mobile Releasing Next Week, First New Character Revealed In Launch Trailer

The popular battle royale is coming soon to a phone near you.


Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment recently announced that the heavily-anticipated mobile version of the hero shooter would release sometime in May, but did not specify exactly when. But today, the launch date was officially announced: Apex Legends Mobile will be released on May 17.

Octane, as seen in the Apex Legends Mobile launch trailer.
Octane, as seen in the Apex Legends Mobile launch trailer.

Respawn tweeted the announcement alongside a trailer for the mobile version of the game. Though the trailer doesn't depict any actual gameplay, it does add some interesting lore and hints at a new legend that will join the list of playable characters in Apex Mobile. This isn't too much of a surprise, as Respawn has previously stated there will be mobile-exclusive content including maps, modes, events and even legends. If this new character debuts next week alongside Apex Legends Mobile: Season 1, it would mark the first time Respawn has ever unveiled two legends in such a short timespan.

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Though the game doesn't launch until May 17, users can pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile now, which will grant them multiple in-game rewards. There's a catch, though--the number of rewards each player gets depends entirely on how many total players pre-register for the game. Currently unlocked rewards include a badge, a banner frame, a banner pose, and Epic-tier skins for both Bloodhound and the R-99. If pre-registrations surpass 15 million users, all players will receive a holospray of the Apex Legends Mobile logo. The next milestone is 25 million pre-registrations, which will grant players an Epic-tier Pathfinder skin. Whether further tiers will be added remains to be seen.

Apex Legends Mobile will be available for iOS and Android starting on May 17.

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