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Apex Legends Mobile: How Do Perks Work?

Here's how the perk system works in Apex Legends Mobile.


Apex Legends Mobile is finally here, bringing the hero-shooter battle royale to phones around the world. While it shares the same name as the PC and console game, there are a bunch of differences between the two games. Apex Legends Mobile has its own selection of Legends, including an exclusive one, and its own game modes. It also has a perk system, something unique to the mobile version of Apex Legends. Here's how it works.

Where to find the perks

Each Legend has their own individual perk tree.
Each Legend has their own individual perk tree.

The perk menu can be found under the Legends tab on the main menu, but don't go looking for it as soon as you download the game. It takes a few matches before the perk system is unlocked–it took three for me, but the unlock conditions aren't clear. Once it is unlocked, pick a Legend and the perks will be located on the right side of the screen. In order to unlock perks, you will need to level up each Legend individually, unlocking Legend specific tokens with each level. The cost of the perks in the skill tree increase as you get deeper, but the perks also get better.

The three types of perks

You can create multiple different perk loadouts for each Legend.
You can create multiple different perk loadouts for each Legend.

Perks are separated into three categories, with corresponding rarity. These are labeled as Perks (blue,) Finishers (purple,) and Ability (red.) You can only have one of each perk type equipped at once, although you are allowed to have multiple loadouts. Each perk type impacts a different part of the game. For example, Octane's first ability, Che's Augmentation, goes in the Perk category and gives an extra 10 health when using a healing syringe. His Finisher perk, Battle Adaptation, awards 100 points to your EVO shield when you use a finisher on an enemy. Lastly, his Ability perk, Here Comes the Octrain, cancels all movement penalties and increases climbing speed by 20% whenever you use the Stim tactical ability.

Currently, each Legend has three different perks for each category in their respective skill trees, along with some cosmetic items. In order to keep a competitive edge, you want to make sure you level up multiple Legends, that way you always have at least some perks equipped, even if someone else picks your main. Apex Legends Mobile also has its own battle pass, full of skins and unique cosmetic items.

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