Apex Legends Mobile Gets Revenant As Next Playable Legend

The steel-plated skeleton will be joining Apex Mobile's legend lineup when the Underworld update goes live tomorrow evening.


Apex Legends Mobile's third season is approaching the halfway mark, and developer Respawn Entertainment just announced Season 3.5's launch date and its debut legend, Revenant. Just like Ash, Revenant is a familiar faceplate to console and PC players, and the spooky simulacrum will make his transition to mobile when Apex Legends Mobile's mid-season update drops tomorrow, November 28.

The Season 3.5 update (officially titled Underworld) will feature a treasure trove of new cosmetics and limited-time events, in addition to a spine-chilling new battle pass and, or course, Revenant himself. But that's not all fans of the mobile game have to look forward to this season--the trailer revealed a new LTM and some upcoming events that will allow players to unlock loads of festive goodies. Here's everything we know about Season 3.5 so far.

World's Edge is back

The trailer announced that players will once again be able to access their favorite frozen hellscape, with the World's Edge map set to re-enter map rotation once the Underworld update goes live.

A new battle pass awaits

The Underworld battle pass features the standard 50 levels of cosmetic items and other rewards players have come to expect from the game. Cosmetics appear to have a holiday theme with a dark twist (think Nightmare-Before-Christmas-meets-Krampus) that perfectly fits both the festive holiday season and Underworld's undead debut legend.

Revenant has arrived

With Loba's addition to the squad, it was almost a guarantee that players would soon see Revenant added to the roster soon after her debut. The two legends utterly loathe each other, and Loba's only taking part in the Apex Games to avenge her family--a difficult goal to pursue without the object of her repulsion in the dropship. Revenant's addition to the roster confirms Respawn's claim that players won't be seeing any mobile-exclusive legends like Fade and Rhapsody in Season 3.

LTMs are escalating

The Underworld update will introduce a brand-new limited-time mode called Airdrop Escalation. Little is currently known about this new LTM (the trailer offers no description), but it appears that Care Packages stocked with fully-kitted weapons will play a part. The trailer depicts a Care Package landing as a player runs up to it, looting a deadly Eternal-tier L-STAR.

That's all we know about the new update for now, but keep an eye out for future developments, as patch notes and Revenant's mobile-exclusive Perks will likely be unveiled soon. Until then, make sure you've finished up your Champions battle pass, along with any other current seasonal events--and don't forget to redeem those Champions Coins for loot in the Champions Store!

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3.5: Underworld launches November 28 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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