Apex Legends Mobile Accidentally Releases Crypto

Players who purchased the legend early just had the rug pulled out from under them, but don't worry--they're getting a refund.


The second half of Apex Legends Mobile's sophomore season is nearing the halfway mark, with Season 2.5 set to launch next week. Although details regarding the new season are quite sparse at the moment--the name of the season's new battle pass hasn't even been announced yet--we do know one thing for sure: Crypto will be the next legend to join the Apex Legends Mobile squad. This was revealed when a programming error resulted in his portrait appearing in the game's legend store, even allowing players to purchase him.

The error was swiftly resolved, but an in-game announcement explaining the issue appears to confirm that Crypto will debut in Apex Legends Mobile when Season 2.5 launches on August 23. The announcement, titled "Crypto Store Bug Fixed," confirms that Crypto's momentary appearance was an accident, but also confirms he's not gone for good. "Players who purchased Crypto during this time will be able to play him at a later date," reads the end of the announcement. "We will be sending affected players Syndicate Gold to compensate them for this issue."

An announcement from the developers recently appeared in the game, apologizing for the mix-up.
An announcement from the developers recently appeared in the game, apologizing for the mix-up.

Players already suspected Crypto would be joining the games soon, as he's been featured in the mobile game's trailers several times already, and quite a few of this season's events (like the Network Hacker event and Hack game mode) are clearly hinting at his arrival. Leaked footage of his abilities in action surfaced earlier this season, further supporting the theory that he'd be the next legend to hit the mobile squad, and today, a tweet from the official Apex Legends Mobile Twitter account featured an animation with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it frame showing Crypto's character logo.

All things considered, this little slip-up could have been far worse--a new mobile-exclusive legend like Fade or Rhapsody leaking early would be downright disastrous. Still, the notoriously paranoid, secretive legend probably isn't thrilled that the game's developers just blew his cover.

Crypto will debut when Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5 goes live on August 23 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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