Apex Legends "Meteor" Isn't A Season 4 Tease After All

You'll have to wait a little longer to see what's up with Season 4.


Apex Legends players thought they may have caught a glimpse of a teaser for the coming season, but it turned out to simply be a very unusual bug. A falling object that appeared to be a meteor was actually an error involving Gibraltar's Ultimate ability.

GamesRadar reports that the rumors have been swirling since October, when several players started seeing a meteor falling from the sky. At least one captured and shared the sight, and it certainly looks like a meteor streaking through the sky and crashing into the ground.

The fan community has been working to understand the sight, and Reddit user PenPineapplePen recently discovered how to reliably replicate the bug. It comes from triggering Gibraltar's Defensive Bombardment ultimate ability, but if he's killed after calling the airstrike, the missile comes in horizontally. More datamined sleuthing from Twitter user That1MiningGuy explained further disparities, like if his beacon grenade falls through the map.

Apex Legends Season 3 began in October, but Respawn hasn't made clear when we can expect Season 4 to follow. Launched last January, it was one of GameSpot's Best Games of 2019--in part because of the updates that kept us coming back.

"Apex Legends was one of those games we kept coming back to throughout the year, whether it was to dig into new updates or just enjoy the thrill of claiming to be champions," wrote Michael Higham. "Never have we, the staff at GameSpot, been this excited to ask the question: where we droppin'?"

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