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Apex Legends Lore - All Character Backstories

Here's everything you need to know about all of Apex Legend's characters.


Apex Legends has a different character for every kind of player. The immensely popular squad-based battle royale offers plenty of interesting legends with their unique abilities, with new ones being added nearly every season to keep the game in a perpetual state of evolution. Here, we've compiled a list of every legend alongside their lore details and a description of all their abilities.

Both of Apex Legends' modes--battle royale and arenas--are traditionally played in squads of three, although there is a duos playlist for battle royale. Each Squad can only have one of each legend, though, so players will need to figure out the best combination of characters for their own playstyle.


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Dr. Ashleigh Reid, was a human once. One who learned early in life that the only person you can trust is yourself. She was hired by a mercenary group to steal an experimental fuel from the Outlands city of Olympus. Dr. Reid deceived the other scientists and betrayed Horizon--sending her into a black hole--but the facility exploded, with Dr. Reid inside. She died. Sort of. Her brain was placed inside a simulacrum, but the process and trauma caused her personality to split. The aggressive personality of Ash took over, but Dr. Reid continues to fight for control. Ash joined the Apex Games to prove she is beyond the need for humanity and Dr. Reid hopes to prove her wrong.

Ash is an offensive legend, focused on locating the enemy and rushing them.


August Brinkman was set to be the sole heir to his family's fortune, but when a series of shady deals caught up with his parents, he was left an orphan--albeit one with quite a lot of money. August became a force of self-destruction and frustration, ultimately choosing to join the Thunderdome Games (pre-Apex Games), where he took on the name Ballistic and fought tirelessly to earn himself a reputation as a reckless celebrity. After his selfish combat style led to the traumatic death of his wife's brother, Ballistic retreated from the limelight--that is, until his son, Nathaniel, qualified to join the Apex Games. Driven by hope for redemption, Ballistic opted to take his son's place and fight once more.

Ballistic is an attacker with a focus on artillery and supporting his team.


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Anita Williams, also known as Bangalore, is from a military family where she, along with her four brothers, served in the IMC. Anita, along with her brother Jackson, were aboard the IMS Hestia when it was attacked. Jackson died saving Anita, who was stranded on a Syndicate planet. Now, she fights in the Apex Games in an attempt to raise enough money to pay a pilot to take her home to her family.

Bangalore is an attacker focused on dispersing large groups of enemies.


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Bloodhound is known in the Outlands as one of the best game hunters ever seen. The child of two engineers at the New Dawn industrial plant on Talos, they were raised by their uncle Artur after their parents were killed in a meltdown. Bloodhound was raised to believe in the Old Ways, a system that rejects technology and focuses on nature. However, they always had an interest in technology and ended up combining their knowledge of nature with technology to save their village from a goliath.

Bloodhound is a recon Legend, with skills focused on locating and following enemy squads.


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Tressa Crystal Smith grew up on the planet of Boreas and spent her younger years as a misfit. However, later in life, she eventually found herself settled on the planet's moon, Cleo, where she applied to become a terraformer. It's there that she mastered a strange substance known as ferrofluid, which she used to create defensive barriers to protect her fellow workers. When the Apex Games came to Cleo and the recovery council was terminated, she found herself without a job, prompting her to enter the arena in an attempt to make money for her family.

Catalyst is a defensive Legend focused on fortifying buildings and other locations.


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Andrew "Caustic" Nox is a brilliant scientist employed by Humbert Labs, where he works on pesticide gases. Nox attempted to create better pesticides to protect the crops of the Outlands but eventually grew tired of only testing on tissue, moving to live subjects. He became obsessed with the beauty in his destructive gas, eventually leading to conflict with other scientists, destroying the lab in the process. Now he competes in the Apex Games as Caustic, employing his deadly gases.

Caustic is a defender focused on fortifying his squad's position.


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Tae Joon Park, also known as Crypto, is a brilliant hacker and an expert in drone technology. While he uses his drone to find hidden enemies in the Apex Games, his real purpose there is to find the people who framed him for murder. Park, along with his foster sister Mila Alexander, worked as computer engineers for the Mercenary Syndicate. They discovered an algorithm that could predict the result of any Apex Games match. This caught the attention of the wrong people and Alexander disappeared and Park was blamed for her murder.

Crypto is a recon Legend, focused on revealing enemy locations with his drone.


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Walter "Fuse" Fitzroy is a demolitions expert with a knack for bombastic showmanship. Fitzroy grew up on Salvo, a planet ruled by a rotation of mercenaries and warlords. There Fitzroy was a mercenary alongside his friend Maggie. While Fitzroy felt the call of the Apex Games arena, Maggie felt the drive to become the next powerful warlord. Salvo eventually lost its independence, becoming part of the Syndicate, giving Fitzroy his chance to join the arena, but Maggie was not willing to let him go without a fight.

Fuse is an attacker focused on displacing enemies using explosives.


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Makoa Gibraltar is the son of two Search and Rescue Association of Solace volunteers, raised to understand the importance of protecting others. Gibraltar still has a wild side though. When he was younger, he and his boyfriend stole his father's motorcycle for a joyride and ended up in a dangerous landslide. His father was able to save them but lost his arm in the process, causing Gibraltar to dedicate his life to helping people. He joined the Apex Games for a reason different than all the others: to protect his friends and squadmates from harm.

Gibraltar is a defender focused on shielding his teammates from harm.


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Dr. Mary "Horizon" Somers is an eccentric astrophysicist and is over 100 years old, technically. With the help of her assistant Dr. Reid, Somers discovered Branthium, which she believed to be the key to limitless energy. However, Branthium can only be found within a black hole, so Somers and Reid set out on a dangerous mission.

Reid betrayed Somers during the mission, stealing the Branthium and sending Somers' shuttle into the black hole. While she managed to escape, 87 years had passed. Now Somers competes in the Apex Games to raise money for her research into time travel, so she may go back and spend time with her son.

Horizon is an attacker focused on using her abilities to rush enemies and displace them.


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A combat medic, Ajay "Lifeline" Che is different from the rest of the competitors in the Apex Games. Che is the child of wealthy war profiteers, who left home after learning of the damage her family's business caused. She joined the Frontier Corps, a humanitarian organization that helps those in the Frontier community in need of aid. She joined the Apex Games to raise money for the Frontier Corps and has no problem taking down anyone else in the games to do so.

Lifeline is a support Legend focused on healing and reviving teammates.


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At the age of 9, Loba Andrade's parents were killed by the hitman Revenant in front of her. Left with nothing, Andrade survived by pickpockets. After developing her thieving skills, she stole the Jump Drive bracelet, which allowed her to take her heists to another level. However, when she learned that Revenant joined the Apex Games, she began to plot her revenge, putting thieving on the back burner.

She sabotaged a factory producing Revenant bodies, destroying Skull Town and Thunderdome in the process. However, this wasn't the only hidden factory producing these, so Andrade joined the Apex Games to find a way to permanently end Revenant.

Loba is a support Legend focused on finding high-quality loot for her squad.

Mad Maggie

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Margaret Kōhere grew up on the planet Salvo without any family of which to speak. After meeting a spry young fellow named Walter Fitzroy, however, she soon found purpose in their joint effort to become mercenaries. After forming an outfit known as Cracked Talon, Margaret earned the name Mad Maggie, and her pal Walter became known as Fuse.

But when a rival warlord named Sandringham Kelly signed a treaty with the Syndicate, Maggie lost all hope in Salvo ever being independent. Meanwhile, Fuse left her for the Apex Games, at which point she became quite angry, living fully up to her infamous nickname.

Mad Maggie is focused on all-out aggression and keeping enemies on their toes.


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Elliot "Mirage" Witt likes to stand out from the crowd. The youngest of four brothers, Witt only ever took one thing seriously: Holo-Pilot technology. Introduced to it by his mother, Witt learned everything he could about the technology, allowing him to create and control holograms of himself. His brother went missing during the Frontier War, driving Witt and his mother closer.

Mirage worked as a bartender, hearing amazing stories about the Apex Games. The riches and glory interested him, but he didn't want to risk leaving his mother childless. However, his mother gave him a custom-made set of holo devices and told him to chase his dreams, leading Witt to become the life of the party in the Apex Games.

Mirage is an attacker focused on distracting and confusing enemies with his decoys.


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Lamont "Newcastle" Craig was just a typical dad who spent his time with his wife and kids and seemed perfectly normal to outsiders. What few knew, however, is that his real name was Jackson Williams and that he had once fought for the IMC before going AWOL to avoid a losing battle. Presumed dead, he sought out a peaceful life, got married, had children, and found peace in Harris Valley.

But when the local Harris Valley hero Newcastle sold the town off to pay his debts, thugs from a gang called the Forgotten Families tracked him down and slayed him--without realizing that Jackson was watching all along. With Newcastle dead, he saw an opportunity to take up the disgraced hero's armor and assume his identity, enter the Apex Games, and win the prize so he could pay off the outstanding debts. The only problem was how he'd avoid being found out by his estranged sister Bangalore.

Newcastle is a defensive Legend, with skills focused on shielding and protecting his allies.


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Octavio "Octane" Silva is a natural-born daredevil. The son of the busy CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals, Silva has always had everything he ever asked for. This led to Silva being bored, which resulted in Silva becoming a daredevil, performing stunts and posting holovids of them. Silva decided to beat the record for a nearby gauntlet by propelling himself across the finish line with a grenade. This stunt cost him his legs and the doctors told Silva his daredevil days were over. Silva didn't like this and guilted his friend Ajay Che into forging an order to give him bionic legs. With the ability to repair his legs, Silva set his sights on the ultimate adrenaline rush, The Apex Games.

Octane is an attacker focused on quickly entering or leaving fights.


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Pathfinder is an optimistic and upbeat MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity) modified for location scouting and surveying. He booted up decades ago in an abandoned warehouse with no knowledge of his creator or why he was there. Pathfinder has spent his time searching for his creator but has not found any information. He joined the Apex Games in hopes to draw the attention of his creator and to make a few new friends along the way.

Pathfinder is a recon Legend focused on getting teammates and himself from one location to the next.


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Ramya Parekh, or Rampart for short, is a blue-collar, small business owner who runs a popular modding shop on Gaea. Parekh made a name for herself in the underground gauntlet circuit, using her custom-modded gear. She took jobs from smugglers, Syndicate members, and anyone else willing to pay.

Parekh never had an issue telling people exactly what she thought of them, which may have led to a group of assailants burning her shop down. Left with nothing but an invitation to Apex Games, Parekh joined the games.

Rampart is a defender focused on setting up shields and a minigun, allowing her squad to deal high amounts of damage from a stationary position.


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Revenant was once a man, one with flesh. He also used to be the greatest hitman the Mercenary Syndicate had ever seen. But after his programming failed, Revenant realized that he was no longer human. Hammond Robotics and the Mercenary Syndicate turned him into a simulacrum, a robotic form imbued with his personality. They had been making him forget every time he "died" and was put into a new body.

Revenant swore to destroy everyone who did this to him but two decades have passed since then. He thought they were all gone, but Hammond Robotics has reemerged, giving Revenant new targets to enact revenge upon. He joined the Apex Games to continue his quest for revenge and doesn't mind taking down a few Legends along the way.

Revenant is an attacker focused on disabling enemies' abilities and rushing their position.


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Obi "Seer" Edolasim was cursed before he was even born. It was foretold that he would bring pain and suffering to the world, and the night he was born a meteor struck his world's moon. The moment the community saw his pale blue eyes, they declared the child cursed and shunned him. Edolasim's parents loved him unconditionally, seeing the empathic and creative child instead of the curse.

Edolasim began fighting in the arenas and the crowd was unsure of him at first. As his success in the arenas continued, members of the crowd that also felt like outsiders began to see themselves in Edolasim. Now, he has joined the Apex Games, as a Legend instead of a curse.

Seer is a recon Legend focused on finding and revealing enemy positions nearby.


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Kairi "Valkyrie" Imahara has always been brash and hard-headed. She even stole a Titan when she was a child. It was her father's, callsign Viper. She wanted to be just like her father, but one day he left on a mission and never returned. For awhile, Imahara had her own ship, smuggling goods for money, while searching for the man who put her father in harm's way: his captain, Kuben Blisk. She tracked Blisk, but he spoke about her father with nothing but respect and challenged Imahara to be better.

Imahara took this to heart, shooting him non-lethally and stealing his Apex Games invitation. Equipped with a jetpack made from her father's Titan's flight core, she joined the Apex Games to establish her own legacy.

Valkyrie is a recon Legend, focused on finding enemies from an elevated position.


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Xiomara “Mara” Contreras grew up on the ice planet Págos, where she exhibited great skills with a sniper rifle from a young age. While out exploring one day, she discovered the wreckage of the G.D.S. Vantage, which she entered to uncover a disturbing truth about her past--her mother hadn't been born on-planet but was, instead, a prisoner on the crashed ship. Her mother had been recaptured and was now in prison once again, so Mara chose to take on the moniker Vantage and take to the Apex Games to raise awareness of her mother's wrongful conviction.

Vantage is a recon character who snipes her enemies and can move to new locations quickly.


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Natalie "Wattson" Paquette might be one of the youngest competitors in the Apex Games, but she has been around the games the longest. The daughter of the Apex Games' lead electrical engineer, Paquette studied her father's manuals to become closer to him, finding her calling in the process. She became such a talented engineer that she was commissioned to build the Apex Games Modified Containment Ring. The day the ring was revealed, her father passed away, leaving Parquette alone. Her friends invited her to return to the Apex Games, assuring her she always has a home there.

Wattson is a defender, focused on protecting teammates from incoming attackers.


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Wraith used to be senior science pilot Renee Blasey. She once volunteered to be the guinea pig for her own experiments, who was betrayed and locked away by her partner. But the experiment that gave her the ability to phaseshift also took her memory. All that was left was a scared woman, imprisoned and haunted by the voices in her head. Eventually, another voice convinced her to listen to them, allowing her to escape that prison and reality.

Wraith joined the Apex Games to explore the old IMC bases that the games take place near. Wraith competes for a chance to find out more information about what happened to her.

Wraith is an attacker focused on being able to quickly and safely escape firefights.

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