Apex Legends Loba Edition Begs The Question: What If Loba Was An Offensive Character?

With the Apex Legends Loba Edition, you can dress up the translocating thief in all of the high caliber accessories she's so fond of stealing.


Apex Legends' latest legend special edition is now available. The Apex Legends Loba Edition went live alongside Season 11: Escape--the bundle is themed after the titular support legend, providing exclusive skins and cosmetics for $20 USD. If you have an EA Play subscription, you can grab the bundle for $18.

The Apex Legends Loba Edition includes the following:

  • Legendary Arms Dealer Loba skin
  • Legendary Silver Lining 30-30 Repeater skin
  • Legendary Quartermaster Andrade legend badge
  • Epic Fractal Wolf weapon charm
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

The star of the show is definitely the Arms Dealer skin for Loba. The legendary skin transforms Loba into a walking arsenal, dressing her in a black armored stealth suit that's outfitted with grenades, firearms, ammo loops, and knives.

It's all cosmetic of course, but it begs the question: What if Respawn had decided to make Loba an offensive character as opposed to support? I'm glad the developer didn't--Apex Legends needs more support characters, not less. But it's a fun hypothetical to think about.

The $20 Apex Legends Loba Edition includes 1,000 Apex Coins, which normally costs $10.
The $20 Apex Legends Loba Edition includes 1,000 Apex Coins, which normally costs $10.

The Loba Edition is the ninth edition of Apex Legends available for purchase. Prior to the Loba Edition, Respawn released editions of Apex Legends themed around Bloodhound, Lifeline, Octane, Pathfinder, Gibraltar, Mirage, and Bangalore. There are also two special editions: the Bloodhound + Lifeline Combo Edition and the Champion Edition--the latter is the go-to purchase if you're just getting into Apex Legends as it automatically unlocks every character up to Season 7: Ascension's Horizon. That's the first 15 characters of the battle royale game's current 19-deep roster.

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