Apex Legends Kings Canyon Map Will Return As Season 2 Version

Season 2 Kings Canyon will be used for both Deja Loot and the ranked playlist split.


Respawn has already given players a chance to play on Apex Legends' original map, Kings Canyon, a few times in Season 4: Assimilation. Both times, however, the map has returned as one of the older versions of Kings Canyon. Going forward, you'll play on the Kings Canyon you remember from the final days of Season 2: Battle Charge.

Kings Canyon will first return in the System Override Collection event, during the second week of the limited-time Deja Loot mode. "This will be the Season 2 version of Kings Canyon," Respawn design director Jason McCord said on Apex Devstream #4. "[The version] with the leviathans in it and all the town takeovers--the last version of the map that [players] played live."

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Halfway through Season 4: Assimilation, the ranked playlist will transition from World's Edge to Kings Canyon. However, the legends won't be playing on a new Kings Canyon. During the devstream, Respawn community manager Jay Frechette said that, like in System Override, the Kings Canyon that returns at the ranked playlist split is still the version of the map from Season 2: Battle Charge. So don't expect a brand-new version of Apex Legends' original map.

System Override launches alongside an update for Apex Legends, which sees the implementation of several in-game changes and adjustments to Gibraltar, Crypto, and Bloodhound. The most significant patches are to in-game inventory and the heirloom system--Respawn is hoping to curb grenade spamming and make it easier to earn the heirloom you want (like the newest one, Octane's butterfly knife, which is a reminder of the adrenaline junkie's sad backstory.

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