Apex Legends Is Keeping Evo Shields

Apex Legends is holding onto the Evo Shield for a while longer on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


Following the System Override Event in Apex Legends, developer Respawn Entertainment revealed that the new Evo Shields are here to stay. If you're itching to see how the pieces of body armor work outside of the confines of Deja Loot, you can now do so on either map as Kings Canyon has returned to Apex Legends ahead of Season 4: Assimilation's ranked series split.

Evo Shield were originally exclusive to the Deja Loot LTE. Now that System Override is done, Evo Shields can be seen in Ranked, the quick-play mode Play Apex, and "limited-time modes moving forward." This means that you can continue to equip yourself with these shields as you head towards the final ring, and you'll be able to use them on the returning Kings Canyon.

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Evo Shields are upgradeable armor pieces that progressively grow stronger as you deal damage to enemies. Despite it starting out weaker than a common white body shield, rain enough bullets on your opponents and it's possible to upgrade the Evo Shield above a legendary gold body shield. But there's a catch: Evo Shields retain their progress when dropped, so it's likely you or your enemy could come across a fully-upgraded shield on the battlefield.

In a feature discussing the Evo Shields, associate editor Jordan Ramée said he loves how the new piece of equipment affects Apex Legends' meta. "The Evo Shield rewards players who are willing to try other strategies, such as flanking an enemy's position, taking a few shots at a team too far away to commit to, or utilizing an ultimate ability to split up an enemy squad," Ramée wrote. "These aren't glamorous roles, but doing them can now reward you with powerful body shields. Players will likely begin adopting these strategies, all of which add a significant new wrinkle to a battle royale that's largely been focused around close-range engagements."

Though System Override is over, Apex Legends has seen a bunch of updates since the limited-time event started on Tuesday, March 3. This includes changes to Bloodhound, a minor adjustment to Wattson, and more. But be warned, though: in case you haven't downloaded the update already, it's pretty big.

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