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Apex Legends Is Having Its Biggest Day Ever On Steam

On the heels of Season 14 release, players reached a new all-time high concurrent player count on Steam.


It looks like Apex Legends players were very ready to jump into Season 14, the new update that went live on August 9. They broke Apex Legends' all-time player count record on Steam and achieved a new peak of around 510K concurrent players.

Apex Legends was released in 2019, and since then, has experienced a steady growth in popularity. Back in May, it was reported that Respawn Entertainment earned over 2 billion bucks from Apex Legends. Updates for the free-to-play battle royale have been pretty consistent, with a new Season beginning every three months.

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Respawn also recently launched a mobile version of Apex Legends in May. It has its own separate battle pass, in-game events, and cosmetics from the PC and console version of Apex Legends. In GameSpot's Apex Legends Mobile review, Jordan Ramée rated the game 7/10. "Overall, Apex Legends Mobile is exactly what's being advertised: This is Apex Legends, but on mobile devices," Ramée said. "This means Respawn has made some serious concessions to its battle royale in order to make the whole thing work, especially when it comes to visuals and performance. And not all of the new additions to the formula, like Team Deathmatch, add anything compelling. "

Apex Legends Season 14 features new ranged character Vantage, a sniper who grew up on an icy planet located in the Fringe Worlds. Vantage's ultimate allows her to scan and mark enemies after they've been hit. The mark is a damage multiplier for subsequent damage received and is a buff applied to her teammates too. If they hit the marked enemy, their damage dealt to the Legend is increased as well.

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