Apex Legends Introduces Map Rotation, Giving You A Choice Of Three Maps

You're now able to drop on two different versions of Kings Canyon or World's Edge in both Duos or Trios mode.


Update: The Old Ways limited-time event is now live, which means Apex Legends' new map rotation feature is live as well. Currently, the feature supports Season 2 Kings Canyon, After Dark Kings Canyon, and Season 4 World's Edge with each map rotating out after 90 minutes--though Respawn is open to adjusting the change rate and adding additional maps to the rotation. The event launched alongside a new update that implemented several character balancing changes--Revenant got a terrifyingly large number of buffs and Lifeline was transformed into a more supportive medic.

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Apex Legends is getting a new limited-time event all about Bloodhound, but it's coinciding with a permanent change that should make fans happy. When the Old Ways Lore Event begins on April 7, players will be able to select from the game's two maps: Kings Canyon or World's Edge.

As detailed on the EA Blog, the update will add permanent map rotation to the game, letting you choose which map to play in Trios or the newly-returning Duos. This is a marked change from the previous status quo, as Kings Canyon would only be available through limited-time events after it was replaced by World's Edge.

The Old Ways Lore Event will run from April 7-21, offering a Town Takeover in World's Edge and a new exclusive prize track with exclusive cosmetics.

Apex Legends general manager Dusty Welch recently hinted at a pleasant surprise for Titanfall fans coming in Season 5. Though it's unclear just what he meant, the recent appearance of a creature from the planet Leviathan could be an indication of another third map coming to the battle royale, set on the location from Titanfall 2.

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