Apex Legends Input Lag Remains A Big Issue On Xbox Following New Update

The 13.1 patch appears to have broken several parts of the game, leading to input lag so severe that Xbox players are claiming the game is now unplayable.


Update: Respawn has once again acknowledged the issues with the Xbox version of Apex Legends. Unfortunately, this latest update still provides no specifics on when a fix might be issued, as the company simply wrote on Twitter, "We are continuing to investigate reports of input delay some Xbox players are experiencing. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this."

This is one of multiple issues currently impacting the game, although, as noted below, this is a particularly serious one as it arguably renders the game unplayable for some. We'll report back when Respawn provides further word on a fix. The original story follows.

Apex Legends' latest update didn't just bring new cosmetics to the game--according to players using Xbox Series X|S consoles, new bugs arrived alongside the update, making gameplay extremely difficult. The most significant bug appears to be an issue with input lag which players describe as game-breaking.

Xbox players gained access to yesterday's update two hours later than players on other platforms, a delay that Respawn claimed was due to a "publishing error." No further explanation was given, but developers also mentioned some planned server updates that aimed to improve connectivity on all platforms. Unfortunately, once the delayed update finally went live on Xbox, players were met with extreme input lag, stick drift, and other problems.

Within a few hours of the update going live, Respawn acknowledged the bug, but no additional comments have been made in the hours since the initial tweet. This has led to frustration and confusion among Xbox players, who have already been dealing with a bug that makes team communication impossible. Players have found a few ways to get around the audio bug, which has now been present in the game for over three months, but so far no one has discovered a fix for the input lag issue that appeared alongside yesterday's update.

After months without an update on the audio bug, it seems the new input issue has driven some players to their breaking point. On the official Apex Legends subreddit, Xbox users are sharing other issues they're experiencing (including system-wide lag after downloading the update) and demanding change after weeks of frustrating gameplay. Although Respawn is aware of the issue, there's no telling when it will be addressed.

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