Apex Legends Has Now Made Over $2 Billion

The highly-popular hero shooter is bringing in some serious loot for EA.


According to EA's quarterly earnings report, Respawn Entertainment's free-to-play battle royale, Apex Legends, has made over $2 billion dollars since it launched in February 2019. EA and Respawn have begun holding in-game events more frequently, along with introducing new maps and game modes on a regular basis.

The regular introduction of a new playable character every three months ensures that gameplay stays fresh, and the compelling, evolving storyline keeps players intrigued enough to keep coming back. Though the tradition of adding a new legend every season may not continue in the future, the forthcoming launch of Apex Legends Mobile will certainly improve Apex's earnings potential even further--at the time of writing, over 10 million players have pre-registered to try out the mobile version of the unique hero shooter, which launches on May 17.

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Apex Legends is an offshoot of two previous games by Respawn: Titanfall and Titanfall 2. Both games take place in the same universe as Apex Legends, but despite many fans pleading for a third entry in the Titanfall series, the developer has said there are currently no plans for a Titanfall 3, suggesting that Apex will be its main focus going forward. Even as early as 2019, EA announced a ten year plan for Apex Legends. But that hasn't completely halted any Titanfall-related developments, as two of its most iconic villains play a large part in Apex's narrative, with one of them even becoming a playable character.

While Apex Legends is known for keeping its players guessing and taking them by surprise whenever possible, there's one thing about the game's future that's incredibly easy to predict: It's going to rake in so many Apex Coins this year that even Loba will be jealous.

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