Apex Legends Has Nessie-Firing Mozambique Shotguns For April Fools' Day Weekend

Kill 'em with cuteness.


Not content with simply buffing Apex Legends' Mozambique shotgun to ludicrous levels for April Fools' Day, Respawn has taken things a step further for this year's holiday. This year, the Mozambique has been buffed to fire powerful Nessie plushies.

From now until the end of the weekend (April 3), you'll be able to find spider nests across Kings Canyon, Olympus, and Storm Point. Breaking them will cause a special golden Mozambique shotgun to spawn.

These unique sidearms only spawn with 10 shots, each of which is a Nessie plush that will cutely squeak on its way to torment your foes. If no one is nearby, the Nessie plush will eventually despawn.

Additionally, you'll find that the Prowlers that roam Storm Point have been replaced by violent Nessie plushies. Approach their nests with care--they'll aggressively attack you on sight.

Apex Legends is still in the midst of its Warriors Collection Event, which adds Crypto's heirloom to the game. Both the event and heirloom were seen in a big Apex Legends leak ahead of their release, alongside nine characters that may come to the game--the most likely of which is Newcastle, who may be Bangalore's brother.

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