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Apex Legends Has Made $1 Billion In Less Than Two Years And The Switch, Mobile Editions Are Coming

EA says the battle royale game is already doing great, and it has a lot of room to grow with new Switch and mobile editions coming.


Electronic Arts is optimistic about the future of its battle royale game Apex Legends. During EA's latest earnings call, CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed that the game has already made $1 billion and it hasn't even released on Switch or mobile yet.

"Let's all remember, less than two years ago, no one knew this product existed. Today, it's over $1 billion," Jorgensen said. "We think there is a huge upside to this product over time, and I just encourage people to keep focused on that because we don't have a mobile product today. We don't have a Switch product today. There are still other platforms around the world that we might go on. This is an opportunity that will last for a very long time, and we're trying to build it for the long range, not just a 1-year blip. So we're very excited about it."

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Apex Legends is coming to Nintendo Switch in March, and part of the reason why EA is releasing the game on Nintendo's console is because of Apex's popularity in Japan where the Switch is doing big numbers.

"Japan is the second-largest market for Apex, which is very exciting for us. And we know that it's one of the largest markets for the Nintendo Switch," Jorgensen said. "And that's the reason we decided to put it out on Nintendo Switch. But we also know that Nintendo Switch is a global business, not just a Japanese business."

Jorgensen also mentioned that Apex's mobile edition could be a big money-maker. He said the game will soft-launch on mobile in the next three to four months. The game is also coming to China, but Jorgensen said this might take longer due to the regulatory approvals the game will need to meet in China.

"I think the team is very dedicated to making sure the product is the perfect product for a global market," he said.

Apex Legends was a bright spot on EA's latest earnings release, with its microtransactions in particular proving to be very popular and lucrative.

Apex just rolled out its big Season 8 update--check out the story below to learn more.

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