Apex Legends Halloween Fight Or Fright Event Is Live Alongside New Shadowfall Mode

Will you fight against the darkness or join the Shadow Squad?


The Halloween-themed Fight or Fright event is now live in Apex Legends. The first event in Season 3: Meltdown, Fight or Fright adds a Halloween spin to the battle royale game, offering the chance to earn spooky cosmetics and skins and also play on a brand-new mode, Shadowfall. Fight or Fright will last until November 5.

The headliner of Fight or Fright is Shadowfall. The new mode sees you drop solo onto a nightmare-themed Kings Canyon. You then must scavenge for weapons and armor and hunt down the other players. If you die, you drop from the sky again--only this time as a member of the Shadow Squad, a group of shade-like individuals with enhanced speed and melee attacks. You can win at Shadowfall in two different ways: either survive until the dropship arrives and escape, or join the Shadow Squad and kill all of the remaining survivors.

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Fight or Fright introduces several additional in-game challenges for you to do in Shadowfall that are listed alongside your traditional dailies and weeklies to complete on Season 3's new map, World's Edge. Completing these Fight or Fright challenges allows you to earn Halloween-themed cosmetic items and special Apex Packs. These packs, which you can also buy, each contain at least one of the special two dozen epic and legendary rewards tied to Fight or Fright--including Halloween costumes for most of the Legends. Unlocking all of the Apex Pack rewards will net you Lifeline's heirloom.

Though it's difficult to tell, Fight or Fright may present the first in-game appearance for Revenant--the supposed twelfth playable character for Apex Legends. First seen in Season 3: Meltdown's launch trailer, Revenant has since been revealed in further detail via a leaked screenshot alongside new character Crypto, and then officially teased in a tweet by Respawn level designer Alex Graner. The death-loving announcer for Shadowfall appears to be Revenant, especially since his appearance in Fight or Fright's trailer looks very similar to his leaked assets.

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