Apex Legends Halloween Event Unleashes The Monsters Within

A new Arenas map, spooky-themed skins, and the return of the Shadow Royale limited-time mode will come just in time for Halloween.


It's almost spooky season in Apex Legends, and from October 12-November 2, players will be able to look the part with the arrival of new Halloween-themed rewards and content.

The event is called Monsters Within, and players will be able to score some new cosmetics that highlight the monstrous side of certain legends. Revenant's Monsters Within Skin sees the robotic assassin transforming into a werewolf, while Bloodhound has become a cybernetic killing machine. There will be 40 new Monsters Within items added in total, and event items can be acquired through purchasing Monsters Within packs, found inside normal Apex packs, or crafted with crafting metals.

Apex Legends will also be celebrating Dia de los Muertos with a new Octane bundle that includes a legend skin, banner frame, Volt weapon skin, and two Octane packs. Three other related bundles will also be returning to the store for Loba, Gibraltar, and Bangalore. These bundles will be available from October 26-November 1.

But it's not just cosmetics. Monsters Within will also bring a new Arenas map with Encore, set on Seer's home planet of Boreas. The middle of the map is largely devoid of cover and leaves teams traversing it exposed, so players will want to battle for high ground positions like the VIP lounge and the performance stage.

The last week of the event will see the return of the Shadow Royale limited-time mode, where players killed in-game rise from the grave in a scary-fast shadow form to hunt down the living.

Apex Legends recently added new story content to the game in the form of the Apex Chronicles event, the first chapters of which focus on Bloodhound and are found while playing normal matches. A recent balance update saw Rampart receive a significant buff. Developer Respawn intended to remove the controversial unintentional tap-strafing mechanic from the game around that same time, but ultimately delayed the mechanic's removal, citing "unexpected side effects."

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