Apex Legends Gets New Seer Lore, And Now The Community Is Out For Blood

It's very simple--if you exist in the world of Apex Legends, you cannot bully Seer.


After teasing it within Apex Legends for weeks, Respawn has finally deemed fit to deliver us some more lore for Seer with a new animated short. Though the lore is delicious, it's come at the cost of mental and emotional damage being dealt to one of Apex Legends' most beloved characters, and now the community is up in arms, asking for the blood of a reporter.

The reporter in question is Lisa Stone, the resident journalist in the world of Apex Legends and one of the game's few main characters who isn't also a playable legend. Lisa was the reporter that stood opposite Forge as Revenant murdered him, as well as the one to rally support for Duardo Silva (Octane's grandfather) in his bid to take control of The Syndicate, the governing body of the Outlands and overseer of the Apex Games.

As seen in the new animated short, Lisa uses a planned interview with the media-shy Seer to ambush him, asking him pointed questions that clearly are meant for some agenda. Seer is unable to challenge the story she constructs about him, and this makes the soft-spoken legend with a troubled past out to be somehow selfish for not bothering to provide aid for the people who condemned him all his life after his birth happened to coincide with the destruction of their planet's moon.

Lisa has never been a popular character, but this interview has seemingly sealed the deal for her as far as the community is concerned. Plenty of folks on Twitter are calling out Lisa for bullying Seer on-air, asking if anyone has found a way to beat up a fictional character.

I'm one of those people, so if you do find a way to enter video games in order to throw hands with fictional beings, please let me know.

In the final weeks of Season 13's Quest, Respawn teased this Seer interview in-game, with Octane, Rampart, and Fuse having unique dialogue quips with Seer. This close to the end of Season 13, these in-game teasers and lore-focused animated shorts are likely hinting at whatever story is planned for Season 14.

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