Apex Legends Fight Or Fright: Every New Halloween-Themed Skin

Tis the season for scares, so Apex Legends Fight or Fright limited-time event is back. But this time around, we have Shadow Royale instead of Shadowfall.


The Apex Legends Fight or Fright event is back. The Halloween-themed event brings back the Shadow Games (Revenant's twisted version of the Apex Games), but instead of Shadowfall, this year's limited-time event is Shadow Royale. Fight or Fright also adds a few rare, epic, and legendary skins--some that you can only buy and others that you can earn.

If you missed out on securing the Fight or Fright skins from last year, a few have come back. For a limited time, you can spend Apex Coins to get Bloodhound's legendary Protector of the Patch, Crypto's legendary Deadly Byte, Caustic's legendary The Last Laugh, Mirage's legendary Old Town, and Lifeline's epic Green Widow.

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There are some new skins too. With Apex Coins, you can buy recolored variants of Bloodhound, Crypto, and Caustic's legendary skins--respectively named Wicked Harvest, Midnight Cipher, and Sweet Dreams. Loba is also getting a Halloween-themed skin this year, the epic Banshee Queen.

It's not all about the legends, either. Flatline's epic Hallows Eve, Longbow DMR's epic Pumpkin Parlor, Prowler's legendary Wild Ride, Wingman's legendary Loudmouth, and Mastiff's legendary Boom Stick all return.

Not looking to spend any Apex Coins this Halloween? Fight or Fright has a few rewards you can earn as well. Playing games, dealing damage, and placing in the top 10 will earn you points towards unlocking rewards--exclusive stat trackers for Gibraltar, the Long John Nessy weapon charm, Pathfinder's rare Wrapped Up skin, the Sentinel's epic Swamp Creature skin, and XP boosts. Plus, just logging in during the event will unlock the new Shadow Royale music pack.

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There are also four exclusive badges that you can unlock by playing in the Shadow Royale mode. In Shadow Royale, death isn't the end--you respawn as a shadow as long as one of your teammates is still alive. Like in Shadowfall, shadows can't use weapons or equip armor, but they can run faster, climb higher, and melee hit harder. Additionally, this time around, shadows can wallrun, like Pilots in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. The final squad to have at least one living teammate is the winner. Completing certain tasks in Shadow Royale allows you to unlock three different badges. If you nab all three, you'll earn a special fourth badge that advertises how much you kicked ass in Shadow Royale.

Fight or Fright runs from October 22 to November 3, which may be Season 6: Boosted's new end date. The final week of the battle pass has been removed, so the final day to complete challenges and get your battle pass rewards is now November 3, not November 10. Season 7 and the introduction of new playable character Horizon may be happening a lot sooner than we thought. And if you've been completing all of the "A Wee Experiment" challenges to unlock the Season 7 and Horizon teasers, then you better jump back into Apex Legends because there's now a few more.

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