Apex Legends' Fight Night Event Brings In-Game Boxing And More

Put up your dukes, gamers.


Apex Legends fans, rejoice! Respawn is kicking off a brand-new event for its wildly popular battle royale: Fight Night. For this event, a town-takeover starring Pathfinder has been added to Olympus, creating a place where players will be ditching the guns in favor of good old-fashioned hand-to-hand combat. On top of this "take it to the Wendy's parking lot" energy, Apex is also introducing a new game mode, new legendary and epic cosmetics, implementing some much needed quality-of-life improvements, and several little robots you may recognize from Titanfall 2.

To participate in Fight Night, you'll need to hop into the boxing ring that appeared on the Olympus map. Once inside, your weapons and abilities will be disabled (as are shots from outside the ring) and you will be able to engage in fisticuffs to your heart's content.

Apex is also experimenting with how time-limited events are released. The one accompanying Fight Night is called Airdrop Escalation, and instead of being featured on its own playlist, it's going to replace regular battle royale mode for the duration of this event. Luckily, it's not too different from what players are used to. Airdrop Escalation follows the same basic formula of the standard battle royale mode, with the addition of several more supply drops than normal.

And if extra supply drops weren't enough, Titanfall 2's loot MRVN bots will also be dotting the map. By giving these funky little friends a high five, you can gain even more gear. If you want insight into what they'll give you, check out the icon on their chest screens. A happy yellow face equals gold-tier loot, a white sad face equals common loot, etc.

In honor of Apex's own resident robot Pathfinder, we're also getting another Stories From the Outlands animated short focused on Pathfinder's origins. It's heavily inspired by neo-noir detective flicks, and features Pathfinder being as loveably clueless as usual in the midst of murder and intrigue.

Fight Night goes live at 10 AM PT/1 AM ET on January 5, 2021, so get ready to put up your dukes.

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