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Apex Legends Emergence Will Explore "Other Ways" Of Telling A Battle Royale Story

A lead writer at Respawn stated that the studio is pausing its Apex Legends comics to focus on experimenting with new storytelling methods.


Apex Legends Emergence just rolled out in early August, but there are still many surprises to come from Season 10 of the battle royale game. A lead writer at Respawn, Amanda Doiron, recently stated that Apex's in-game comics will be put on-hold for the time being while the studio focuses on varying up its storytelling techniques.

Another lead writer, Manny Hagopian, tweeted a list of different ways that Respawn has presented the lore of Apex over the game's existence, including through unique dialogue, narrative Stories from the Outlands videos, and the Broken Ghost quest from Season 5. This would seem to indicate that the studio plans to incorporate experimental methods of storytelling that we haven't seen before in Apex Legends in Season 10.

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While it's not clear what these methods might look like--by their very nature--we did get a look at new Legend Seer in a Story from the Outlands that was uploaded two weeks ago. For now, however, fans are still dealing with the raft of changes that Emergence brought to the game, which included the new Rampage LMG, the Ranked Arenas mode, and several major buffs and debuffs to popular Legends like Caustic and Horizon. If you're playing on Xbox, Apex's Season 10 update is pretty massive at 60 GB, so make sure you have enough space for it.

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