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Apex Legends' Doppelganger Event Adds Game-Changing New Survival Item, Halloween LTM, And Revenant Prestige Skin

Players will soon have access to a new collection of spooky, scary skele-skins--and a chaotic new LTM containing an even more chaotic new Survival Item.


The spooky season is finally upon us, and although Apex Legends Season 18 is beginning to wind down, it seems that developer Respawn Entertainment is determined to ensure things end with both a bang and a whimper. The fearsome cosmetics included in Apex Legends' upcoming Doppelgangers Collection Event are enough to send a chill down even the bravest legend's spine, and if that doesn't do it, the event's ability-stealing new LTM ought to do it.

As revealed in a recently released trailer, the Doppelgangers Collection Event will feature a brand-new collection of 24 Halloween-themed cosmetics for legends and weapons alike. Players who collect all 24 cosmetics will automatically unlock Revenant's new Prestige Skin, Apex Nightmare. But the event also features both a new limited-time mode, a free reward track, and access to a new limited-time Survival Item. Keep reading for a rundown on what kind of treats (and tricks) Respawn is handing out this Halloween.

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New LTM: Trick 'N Treat Trios

Instead of the usual Shadow Royale LTM, the Doppelganger Collection Event will introduce a new holiday-themed mode: Trick 'N Treat Trios. Trick 'N Treat matches will take place on a series of "After Dark" maps, which see Apex's familiar locales renovated into dark, spooky maps for players to explore.

The premise is simple--you must knock enemies, open Supply Bins, and break down doors to collect candy, which can then be consumed in exchange for an even more delectable treat: EVO Shield damage points, a boost to your Ultimate Ability charge, and a 25-hitpoint boost to your EVO Shield, assuming it is damaged.

New Survival Item: Copycat Kit

But with every treat comes a trick. In this case, it's the Copycat Kit, a new limited-time Survival Item that gives you access to an extra legend ability, which you may make use of for the rest of the match (though standard cooldown times still apply to any "borrowed" ability). Details on what kinds of abilities players can choose from have not been released, so it's unclear whether players will be able to choose from all ability types (including passive abilities), or if they'll be limited to choosing solely from the list of ultimate and/or tactical abilities. Regardless, it goes without saying that the Copycat Kit is a huge game-changer, and will likely make for absolute chaos on the battlefield once players get their hands on it.

Revenant Prestige Skin

Since Season 18 has revolved almost entirely around Revenant, the strange circumstances surrounding his recent transformation, and the wild events that unfolded thereafter, it's not surprising that the season's last Collection Event revolves around the spectral Spectre, too. To unlock Revenant's Apex Nightmare Prestige skin, players must collect all 24 cosmetics in the Doppelgangers Collection Event. This can be done by crafting the items with Crafting Metals, purchasing them directly with Apex Coins, or by purchasing 24 Doppelganger Event Packs--special Apex Packs that cost $7 USD each and are guaranteed to contain one item from the Doppelganger cosmetic collection. The Event Packs method is the cheapest way to attain the skin, unless you happen to have several hundreds of thousands of Crafting Metals on hand.

In addition to the evolving, Mythic-tier Apex Nightmare skin, Revenant's Prestige Set also features a new finisher that sees the undead assassin's unfortunate victims being lifted off the ground and thoroughly eviscerated by strange appendages that appear to be some sort of ectoplasmic tentacles. The finisher then sees Revenant proceed to effectively consume the downed legend, dragging his prey's limp body right into his chassis before it snaps shut. No wonder Mirage is so concerned the sentient murder machine might attempt to eat him.

Revenant's new finisher sees him impale his foes on strange spectral appendages before consuming them entirely.
Revenant's new finisher sees him impale his foes on strange spectral appendages before consuming them entirely.

Every Prestige Set features a total of three items, but the third item included in the Revenant's Prestige Set has not yet been revealed. It could be an exclusive skydive trail, as skydive trails have been removed from Ranked Mode rewards, and Valkyrie's Prestige Set--released back in July--was the first of its kind to feature a skydive trail.

But players who aren't looking to spend real cash can still join in the frightful festivities; the Doppelgangers Collection Event also features a free reward track featuring a number of cosmetic skins, Crafting Metals, and a music pack to really get the costume party started.

The Doppelganger Collection Event will begin on Tuesday, October 17 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, and players will want to make sure they've gotten all their trick-or-treating done before the event ends on Tuesday, October 31 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

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