Apex Legends Does A Surprise Shotty Switcharoo, Puts Best Shotgun In Care Packages

Apex's devs has nerfed the infamous Peacekeeper many times over the years, but now they're swapping it with the Mastiff.


Respawn Entertainment has revealed the patch notes for Season 5 of its popular battle royale shooter Apex Legends, and it has an unfortunate surprise for all of you Peacekeeper fans. Apex's lever-action shotgun has been loved and hated in equal measure since the game first came out, due to its monstrous damage output at close range and its support for the Precision Choke hop-up, which makes it fearsome even from far away.

After introducing several nerfs over the years to reduce the weapon's effectiveness, Respawn is trying a different approach. In Season 5, the Peacekeeper will be buffed substantially, but it will only be available in care packages, which are special drops that players can seek out to find epic and legendary armor as well as some of the best weapons in the game. The previous care package-exclusive shotgun, the Mastiff, will be rolled into the existing loot pool, with its stats reduced accordingly.

Along with this shotgun shuffle, Apex Season 5 adds a new character to the game, Loba, whose kit focuses on spotting epic and legendary loot through walls. The update also reshapes the game's Kings Canyon map, with Skull Town and Thunderdome replaced by new areas. Additionally, Season 5 comes with a new battle pass.

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"Apex's devs has nerfed the infamous Peacekeeper many times over the years"
"over the years"

Game is little over a single year old.

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