Apex Legends Dev Explains Issue With Loba's Teleport

A Respawn developer breaks down the coding behind a current issue with the characters tactical ability.


An Apex Legends developer gave a thorough explanation of what's causing an issue with Loba's tactical on the World's End map with the Lost Treasures' patch. Loba's tactical ability is a teleport that lets her throw her bracelet and travel to it once it lands.

Jason McCord, design director at Respawn, explained in a series of tweets why Loba's ability is failing more frequently on World's End than it should be. The game has triggers around cliffs on both maps to stop players from staying up there, which is why an out-of-bounds warning occurs when you land up there. Loba's bracelet is designed to fail when thrown into these zones to stop her from going up there.

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The issue on World's End stems from a slight difference in coding from Kings Canyon, with the triggers being grouped more on World's End than on Kings Canyon. McCord explained that Loba's tactical is failing when passing through the grouped triggers instead of only when landing in them.

It's important to note that McCord said that isn't the exact issue with the game and said "my brain exploded when the coder explained it to me," but it's an explanation that is far easier to grasp. Respawn is currently testing a fix and McCord said it would realistically go live sometime next week.

The Lost Treasures event is live now through July 7, featuring an abundance of limited-time cosmetics and the reworked limited-time mode Armed and Dangerous mode. EA recently announced that the game would be coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam later this year. Apex Legends has new competition in the free-to-play battle royale space, with Ubisoft's recently announced first-person-shooter Hyper Scape.

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