Apex Legends Dataminers Leak Anime-Themed Cosmetics And Bangalore's Prestige Skin

Uncovered by a dedicated dataminer, the leaks give players a preview of cosmetics that may soon hit Apex Legends.


A prolific dataminer from /r/ApexUncovered, a subreddit dedicated entirely to Apex Legends leaks, seems to have discovered multiple cosmetic skins that may appear in Respawn's popular battle royale sometime this season.

One of the most interesting items revealed by the dataminer appears to be a Prestige skin for Bangalore, complete with a demonstration of the custom finisher that becomes available once the last of the Prestige skin's three tiers have been unlocked. If this leak is legitimate--which it certainly looks to be--Bangalore's will be the first Prestige skin to hit the Mythic Store since Bloodhound's debuted in February.

Also leaked was a set of cosmetics with an anime theme. Among them are an Octane skin that makes the Stimmed-up speed demon look like One Piece's main character, Luffy, a Naruto-themed Wattson skin, and a skin that gives Revenant the appearance of Neon Genesis Evangelion's Eva Unit 09.

There are a multitude of other skins as well, but not all of them are anime-themed, as the leaks include skins from two separate events. The first is allegedly called the Hero Hunter Collection Event, which dataminers claim will launch on June 21. The second event, which contains the anime-themed skins, is reportedly called the Hero Anime Thematic Event, meaning some 400AC Thematic Apex Packs will likely be available in the store, and the event's cosmetics may join the permanent "evergreen" cosmetic pool, allowing them to be unlocked via crafting metals or standard Apex Packs once the event has ended.

Thematic Events are often accompanied by an episode of Stories from the Outlands, or a Town Takeover/other themed map changes. The launch date for the anime event is not yet known, though it will likely be somewhat soon, as the files are already available in-game for dataminers to parse. The legitimacy of the leaks won't be known until these events launch, though it is likely that the datamined info is legitimate, as the leaker in question has previously leaked battle pass content and other Apex Legends skins that were later proven to be accurate. Still, players may want to exercise some skepticism until these events are confirmed in-game.

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