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Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Trailer Shows Off New Mode, Bangalore's "Cold Steel" Heirloom, And More

The next event inside Apex Legends is coming soon, and it looks great.


EA's battle royale behemoth Apex Legends is getting another big event very soon with the Chaos Theory Collection Event, which we've now gotten a closer look at. [Update: the full patch notes are now available]

Mad Maggie returns with a terrible plan to sabotage the ring, which is causing ring flares to show up across the map. In the new Ring Fury mode, players get a new heat shield for their inventory that allows them to sustain ring damage to rescue teammates. This shield projects a dome that can protect players from the ring damage.

Additionally, players can visit Caustic's Town Takeover to find gold-tier loot, while Apex Legends overall is offering up 24 items that will only be available for a limited time. Players who collect all 24 will get Bangalore's "Cold Steel" heirloom, which looks pretty rad.

You can check out a teaser for the Chaos Theory Collection event in the video above. The event itself kicks off on March 9, which is also the day that Apex Legends come to Switch. Developer Respawn recently showed off more of Apex's gameplay on Switch--see it here.

To help Switch players catch up, Respawn is offering 30 free Battle Pass levels, double XP for the first two weeks, and a limited-time Legendary Pathfinder skin at no extra cost.

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