Apex Legends Black Friday Sale Discounts Apex Packs And Brings Back Wattson's Best Skin

The weeklong sale in Apex Legends includes a variety of rare skins and bulk bundles of Apex Packs.


Apex Legends Black Friday sale is live now and lasts for one week, offering the opportunity to purchase some rare skins and Apex Packs at a discount. The sale includes six different skins, as well as the opportunity to buy Apex Packs in bulk for a discounted price.

Announced on the Apex Legends Twitter account, the sale includes items that have previously only been available for a limited time, like the Dinomite Wattson skin and the Laughing Fool Octane skin. Some of the skins available during this sale have only been available in the store for a limited time in the past.

There is also a 2021 Legends Bundle which includes the unlocks, skins, and emotes for Fuse, Valkyrie, and Seer. The 2021 Legends Bundle appears at a discounted price if you have already unlocked the individual legends.

Apex Legends' Black Friday store page
Apex Legends' Black Friday store page

For players looking to grind out the necessary loot boxes to get Heirloom shards, there are also bundles of 50 and 100 Apex Packs available for a discounted price. 50 packs bundle costs 4,000 Apex Coins--80 Coins per pack--and the 100 packs bundle costs 6,700 Apex Coins--67 Coins per pack. Apex Packs typically cost 100 Coins per pack, so Respawn is offering a nice discount for the bulk purchase. Each bundle can only be bought once.

Below is the full list of bundles, what they include, and how much they cost.

Apex Legends Black Friday Sale

  • Aligned Vectors Bonus Bundle -- Aligned Vectors epic Valkyrie skin, Vermillion Velocity epic Peacekeeper skin, one legendary Apex Pack, Nine Apex Packs (900 Apex Coins)
  • Laughing Fool Bundle -- Laughing Fool legendary Octane skin, Harlequin legendary Flatline skin (2,150 Apex Coins)
  • Legendary Pack Bundle -- Charging Up epic weapon charm, four legendary Apex Packs (2,150 Apex Coins)
  • Dinomite Wattson Bundle -- Dinomite epic Wattson skin, 25 Apex Packs (2,150 Apex Coins)
  • 50-Pack Bundle -- Holiday Gift epic weapon charm, 50 Apex Packs (4,000 Apex Coins)
  • 100-Pack Bundle -- Silent Spy epic weapon charm, 100 Apex Packs (6,700 Apex Coins)
  • 2021 Legends Bundle -- Seer, Fuse, Valkyrie, Afrofuturism legendary Seer skin, Natural Born Daredevil legendary Fuse skin, Military Grade legendary Valkyrie skin, Quick Fix epic Fuse emote, Swagger Back epic Seer emote, Trust Fall epic Valkyrie emote (6,600 Apex Coins)

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