Apex Legends Ash: All Launch Legendary Skins

Check out the five legendary skins available for the new legend Ash in Apex Legends Season 11: Escape.


Apex Legends Season 11: Escape is now live across all platforms, bringing the new map Storm Front and the new offensive legend Ash. Like the start of previous seasons, there are a ton of new items available in the game, primarily from the new battle pass and all of the unlockable items available for the new legend.

Like other legends, Ash launched with four legendary skins available as part of the base game. All four of these skins now have a chance to appear in Apex Packs or can be crafted with 1,200 crafting materials. Like other base game legendary skins, these skins cannot be purchased directly with Apex Coins, unless they are featured in the store for that week. There is also a fifth legendary skin available for Ash as part of her launch bundle.

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For Ash's base legendary skins, the Fallen Angel Skin and Chaotic Emerald skin accentuate Ash's robotic features with a royale flair, adding massive pointed shoulders and thigh pieces. The Fallen Angel skin features a metallic navy with gold accents while the Chaotic Emerald skin is lime green with silver accents.

The Eagle-Eyed and Mercenary Mystique skins embrace Ash's inner killer, dressing her as a hunter with a metal skull on one shoulder. These skins have a feathered hood and give Ash black and white face paint, along with a bandolier across her chest. The Eagled-Eye skin has a yellow, red, and green color scheme while the Mercenary Mystique skin has a red, black, and brown color scheme.

Lastly, there is the Chain of Command skin, which is available as part of the Ash Launch Bundle for the next two weeks. The Chain of Command legendary skin makes Ash look like a cross between a knight and a gladiator, featuring metallic platinum with red accents. The Ash Launch Bundle comes with Ash, the Chain of Command skin, legendary C.A.R. SMG skin Judgement Day, and the epic Fortified and Relentless Holospray for 2,250 Apex Coins. As a reminder: This bundle will leave the store in two weeks and will likely not appear again--if you want it, buy it before it's gone.

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