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Apex Legends Announces New Thrillseekers Event

The Arenas-focused event introduces a new map and rewards.


Apex Legends has announced a new event called Thrillseekers, which is set to arrive on July 13. The event will include a new Arenas map, as well as three weekly rewards tracks offering some brand-new loot.

Like other recent events, Thrillseekers is heavily focused on the game's Arenas mode, which was added at the start of Season 9. The event includes a brand-new Arenas map called Overflow, a lane-focused map that is designed to reward tactical play. The name refers to flowing chutes of lava, which break up the map into its distinct sections. The map has two POIs with fairly self-explanatory names: Overlook and Slope.

Thrillseekers also includes three weekly rewards tracks across the course of the event, which are unlocked by earning points in Arenas play. Week one rewards the brand-new Rampart Wastelander Set, week two includes Battle Pass boosters and other useful items, while week three contains the new Lethal Enforcer Bangalore Skin.

Thrillseekers will also include purchasable event limited cosmetics, along with the return of older limited skins including Youngblood and Voidwalker. The Thrillseekers event will begin in Apex Legends on July 13 and finishes on August 3.

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