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Apex Legends And Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Crossover Event Allows Any Legend To Wield The Buster Sword

Unlike previous Heirloom Weapons, the Buster Sword R5 can be equipped to any legend.


Apex Legends players just got a closer look at the game's upcoming collaboration with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth via a new trailer for the event. The Apex Legends & Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Event was initially announced at 2023's The Game Awards on December 7, though the presentation didn't include many details, leaving fans of both games wondering what exactly the event would entail. According to the new trailer, the new event will give players access to a new limited-time mode, tons of Final Fantasy-themed cosmetic skins, and a new Buster Sword Heirloom Weapon that can be equipped by any legend, making it the first of its kind.

The event, which begins on January 9, will feature a new LTM that will replace unranked battle royale mode for the three-week duration of the event. Known as Final Fantasy Takeover, the new mode will see the game's maps littered with Cactuar-themed "Cacticks," special Loot Ticks that provide Materia Hop-Ups when destroyed. Materia Hop-Ups give players access to special buffs, including lightning AoE damage, HP absorption, and an AI-controller SOLDIER Nessie who will aid players in battle. The Final Fantasy Takeover mode will also give players the ability to wield Cloud's Buster Sword, which can be used to deflect bullets, dash, and even perform special Limit Breaks.

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Of course, no Apex Legends event is complete without cosmetics, and the Apex Legends & Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Event will feature a whopping 36 cosmetic items (standard Collection Events usually include only 24 cosmetics). Applying these cosmetics will give the game's playable characters and weapons a Final Fantasy-themed makeover, with an Aerith skin available for Horizon, a Cloud skin for Crypto, a Moogle-esque skin for Wattson, a Tifa skin for Wraith, and more.

Players can purchase skins directly or use Event Packs to unlock items from the new skin collection at random. It seems that the new Buster Sword R5 Heirloom Weapon is included in this loot pool, meaning players will not need to collect all 36 of the event's cosmetics to unlock it. But unlike previous Collection Events, the Buster Sword R5 Heirloom Weapon will not appear in the in-game Mythic Store once the event ends, so players who want to get their hands on it will only be able to do so during the event.

But Respawn also has a special reward for players who do go all-out and unlock all 36 cosmetic items: The One-Winged Angel Deathbox, a new type of cosmetic that can be equipped to any legend, giving their deathbox a unique, Sephiroth-approved aesthetic. Players who don't plan on spending any real-life cash on the event can still get some free loot via a new set of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth-inspired Twitch drops, which will be accessible starting on January 12.

The Apex Legends & Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Event begins Tuesday, January 9 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET and ends on Tuesday, January 30 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

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