Apex Legends' ALGS Championship Could Have A $3 Million Prize Pool This Year

Respawn is selling in-game bundles with a portion of sales going toward crowdfunding the prize pool for ALGS 2021.


The Apex Legends Global Series competitive gaming event is going big in 2021. EA has announced that the prize pool for the event is being increased from $1 million up to as much as $3 million this year. The publisher is adopting a DOTA 2-style crowdfunded prize pool model where people can buy bundles from the Apex Legends in-game store to increase the total prize pool of the ALGS Championship this year.

Every Mechameleon, Boarded to Death, Wild Speed, and Silverback bundle that users purchase will add $5 to the prize pool. Purchases of the Animal Kingdom bundle will add $20 to the pool. EA is capping the funds at $2 million, which could bring the prize pool to as much as $3 million when factoring in the $1 million that EA itself is putting in.

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"We're excited to take the stakes of the ALGS Championship even higher, while giving you another way to show your support for your favorite teams," EA said.

These bundles will be sold through June 1. The Mechameleon, Boarded to Death, Wild Speed, and Silerback bundles include one legendary skin, one epic banner frame, and one epic gun charm. The Animal Kingdom bundle includes everything.

You can see some of the new content in the video below, while more details about the ALGS Championship are available through EA's website.

Though Season 9: Legacy brought many interesting changes to Apex, it also suffered from a number of serious issues, particularly its server stability at launch (but it's since been fixed). Legacy introduced a new character to the game, Valkyrie, as well as a 3v3 deathmatch mode called Arenas.

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