APB booked for June 29 in US, July 2 in UK

Realtime Worlds reveals $50/£35/€50 price tag, pay-as-you-go subscription model that requires players to purchase additional play time in online shooter's action zones; EU launch set for July 2.



Realtime Worlds' upcoming online shooter APB will be released on the PC on June 29 in North America, on July 1 in Europe, and on July 2 in the UK, according to an announcement this morning by publisher Electronic Arts. The announcement followed the posting of a FAQ on the game's official Web site, which said the game would launch on "June 29th in North America, July 2nd in Europe."

Thanks to the game's customisation system, players can make in-game cash selling creations such as this octopus T-shirt.
Thanks to the game's customisation system, players can make in-game cash selling creations such as this octopus T-shirt.

According to the FAQ and EA, APB will cost $50 in the US, £35 in the UK, and €50 in the rest of Europe. The developer quotes 50 hours of gameplay out of the box, plus unlimited access to the game's social district and marketplace.

Additional time can be purchased using the virtual currency RTW points, which will be available in-game or from the Realtime Worlds Web site. The price of points will range from £4 ($5, €4.50) for 200 points to £52 ($65, €58.50) for 2,600 points. Twenty hours of game time will cost 280 points (£5.59, $7, €6.29).

More frequent players also have the option of purchasing 30-day unlimited packages for 400 RTW points (£8, $10, €9), with further discounts promised for 90- and 180-day purchases. The retail box will also contain a bonus 100 RTW points, which can be converted to in-game cash to purchase objects, customisations, or more game time. Players can also sell their own custom creations to friends and clan mates, and via the marketplace, to earn more RTW points.

As well as being available at retail, APB will be available for purchase online. Customers can preorder the game from Apb.com and Eastore.com. Preorder incentives include early-access APB VIP game time, an exclusive in-game Asylum upgraded criminal car and Enforcer upgraded patrol car, and C.S.A. Enforcer and Asylum criminal clothing.

APB is an online open-world action game that has been described as "Grand Theft Auto Online." Players take on the role of a ruthless criminal or a dedicated law enforcer in a virtual city populated with up to 99 other players. The game features an asymmetrical matchmaking system, which assigns players to a game based on their skill level without the use of a lobby. Other features include a robust customisation system, Last.fm integration, and the ability to become famous within the gameworld. (Last.fm is owned by CBS Interactive, GameSpot's parent company.)

For more on APB, check out GameSpot's latest hands-on and interview with Realtime Worlds' Dave Jones.

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