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AOC Will Be Back For Another Twitch Stream "Soon"

The Congresswoman's Among Us stream was one of the platform's biggest.


A day after winning her second term in the US House of Representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has revealed that another Twitch stream is in the works--though first, she needs a nap.

AOC made waves in the gaming world when she sat down for her first Twitch stream in late October, playing Among Us with fellow Representative Ilhan Omar, as well as popular streamers including Pokimane, DrLupo, and more. Her stream reached a peak of over 430,000 concurrent viewers, and when combined with other co-streamers figures, likely reached over 700,000 viewers at its peak.

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After her domination on stream, AOC celebrated another victory in this week's election, breezing into her second term in the US House of Representatives over a Republican challenger with over $10 million backing his campaign.

Now, AOC is looking to get back on Twitch after a short rest--"maybe this week or next," according to a tweet.

While the Congresswoman used the last stream to reach a new audience and encourage them to vote, a post-election vote is likely to take a far different tone, no matter which way the highly contentious presidential election turns out.

In a reply to her original tweet, AOC has asked her followers for recommendations on what to stream next, as well as who she can collaborate with. While so far suggestions have ranged from new games to in-depth political talking points, she seems to be looking at playing more Among Us with Pokimane, though AOC did also suggest "League duo bot" with the streamer.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar may also be down for a second appearance on stream--though she seconded AOC's call that a nap was needed first.

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