Antz Racing on the PS2, Xbox

Empire Interactive announces Antz Racing for next-generation platforms.


Antz Extreme Racing

Empire Interactive has announced Antz Racing for multiple next-generation platforms, including the Microsoft Xbox, the Sony PlayStation 2, and the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The game will let players race through five unique worlds: the Anthill, the Forest Park, the Frozen Pond, the City, and Insectopia. Players can race using several of the popular characters from the film, including Z, Princess Bala, and General Mandible. The game is being developed by Light and Shadow Productions.

"This is a great coup for us to publish such a major Hollywood property," Ian Higgins, CEO of Empire Interactive, said. "It also represents a major endorsement of our development and global publishing expertise."

"LSP has successfully released four interactive products based on the Antz property so far," Jean-Claude Goulon, managing director of Light and Shadow Productions, said. "This fascinating DreamWorks license is highly anticipated by gamers throughout the world on next-generation consoles and will come close to the CGI movie experience."

Light and Shadow Productions is also developing Extreme Ghostbusters for the Game Boy Advance, GameCube, and Game Boy Color platforms.

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