Anthem Day One Update Out Now: Patch Notes Address Load Times, Challenges, And More

Get your Mark-2 suit.

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Now Playing: Anthem Day One Update Fixes Load Times And More - GS News Update

Anthem is already live for those with early access, but its official launch for all players will come later this week. It will be accompanied by a sizable day-one update, set to fix a wide array of issues across all platforms just as the broader audience is cracking into the BioWare shooter. These include addressing some of the most common complaints from the past few days, including load times and issues with parties being gathered. [Update: In an official post on Reddit, BioWare has shared the full list of patch notes--which are even more extensive than what's seen below--along with confirmation that the day-one update is in fact out right now on all platforms. That's great news for those dealing with the game's myriad issues in this first week of availability.]

The patch notes, as listed on Reddit, cite dozens of adjustments, but some are more prominent than others. The so-called "high-level fixes" improve loading times, fix infinite loading bugs and other crashes, fix challenge tracking, and make numbers appear for weapon and gear modifiers. Other notable improvements make the gather party mechanic work more leniently, and unlocks challenges at the correct levels. The notes go on to mention several tweaks for Strongholds, crafting, and other features.

For a few more days, Anthem is only available to those who have either EA Access on Xbox One, or Origin Access on PC. Both of those offer 10 hours of access to the full game, while Origin Access Premier members already have unlimited access. Those players are diving into the game without the benefits of these improvements, so you may have a better overall experience by waiting.

"I'm currently treating Anthem's disparate missions as an excuse to try a new weapon or special attack, which, combined with flight, gives me incentive to keep going," wrote critic Kallie Plagge in our early review impressions. "I'm hoping that I get more out of the story as I go on, but so far it's too generic to get its hooks in me."

While you wait for release, you can prepare by reading details on how to claim your pre-order and special edition bonuses once you do get your copy. Or just watch the short film from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. The full day-one patch notes are below. Anthem releases for everyone on February 22.

Anthem Day One Update Patch Notes

High level fixes

  • Improved loading times
  • Fixed many infinite loading screens
  • Fixed multiple challenges not tracking properly
  • A number of issues have been fixed that were causing players to disconnect or crash
  • Weapons and gear now have numbers present for modifiers

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Loot Reveal and Expedition Summary now correctly play during the end of expedition screen.
  • The gather party mechanic has been made more lenient in a number of situations
  • At the end of expedition screen players will no longer get stuck on "Recording Victories" or "Skipping All".
  • Game no longer hangs in Javelin menu when unlocking the second, third or fourth javelin
  • During the mission “What Freelancers Do” dying after killing Junkmaw & freeing Arcanists leaves you unable to progress, this has been fixed
  • Challenges now unlock for players at the correct levels
  • Fixed some camera issues during cutscenes
  • Legendary Contracts can now be accepted from the Social Hub contract board
  • Some enemies have had their shield values decreased
  • Loot now properly drops for players who are downed
  • The texture quality on the NPC Prospero has been improved
  • Final boss of strongholds now drop loot instead of only being shown on the end of expedition screen
  • Fixed the time outs on echoes and relics to prevent griefing and to handle disconnections properly
  • Players can no longer fall through the floor during the 3rd trial in the Fortress of Dawn
  • Completing the tutorial expedition will now show the correct Ranger appearance
  • After disconnecting, rejoining an expedition will now place you back into a squad if you were in one previously
  • Corrected an issue where players could not interact with each other in the launch bay in certain circumstances
  • Corrected an issue during the Mission "Bad Deal" where outlaws won't spawn, blocking progress
  • The start of expedition screen has been improved
  • Addressed a variety of situations where killing enemies does not properly progress world events
  • Opening a chest now increments Tomb of the Legionnaire progress for all squad members present
  • Scar snipers can no longer shoot through Storm Shield
  • Corrected an issue where players would get stuck on the end of expedition screen in some situations
  • Players will no longer get disconnected if joining the "Finding Old Friends" mission while the cinematic is playing
  • Addressed a number of situations where players can get stuck on the environment in the launch bay
  • Increased the damage of the electric status effect
  • Corrected an issue where the Shield of Dawn could be crafted with less materials then intended in some situations
  • The Platinum Mission feat now grants completion as intended
  • Status effects can more reliably be applied to Titans


  • Fixed an issue that would cause a Stronghold server crash after defeating the last boss
  • Temple of Scar - Players can no longer get stuck in the mined tunnel in the explosives room
  • Temple of Scar - Players can no longer be blocked from entering the explosives room due to fog wall
  • Fixed Tyrant Mine so people that join the stronghold in-progress do not end up locked away from their team
  • Adjusted lighting in Tyrant Mine underwater section to make it easier to navigate to the exit
  • The Swarm Tyrant will no longer get stuck in the side cave entrances in some situations
  • Corrected an issue where players would spawn into different areas of the Tyrant Mine in certain situations

Gear and Weapons

  • After having 1st pilot unlock suit after tutorials, creating a new pilot and going to forge no longer causes load screen hang
  • Ice damage bonuses are now correctly applied on ice gear
  • Suit-wide bonuses from inscription are now functioning properly
  • Players can no longer salvage equipped items
  • Javelin specific gear and/or weapons are no longer able to be used on javelins they aren't intended for
  • Corrected an issue where in some circumstances Masterwork Components do not have any inscriptions
  • The Endless Siege Masterwork Autocannon no longer displays a damage increase of 0% in its tooltip


  • The Colossus javelin is now able to activate its shield more quickly after using an ability or firing a weapon
  • The Storm javelin now reacts to getting hit when its shields are up
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed the Storm's ultimate attack to be used more times than intended
  • The Colossus javelin can now shield and revive at the same time
  • Interceptor Combo Aura has been increased in power and now has a damage over time component


  • Non-Masterwork materials purchased from the crafting store now show as their proper rarity instead of incorrectly showing as Masterwork


  • Additional Mouse and Keyboard control improvements have been made


  • Some conversations were not popping up the reputation points post conversation completion, this has been fixed
  • The squad screen now displays the correct information for each player
  • Fixed a number of issues where subtitles will no longer get stuck on the screen after dialogue has finished as often
  • Settings should no longer reset upon exiting and restarting the game on Xbox One
  • Motion blur can now correctly be turned off
  • The Electric Status Effect now shows scaled damage properly
  • An option has been added to hide the Squad Member HUD
  • The edge of the compass will now pulse to indicate enemy locations
  • A notification has been added in Fort Tarsis if a player's vault is at the cap of 250 items
  • On the "Repair the Strider" step of "A Cry for Help" the search radar has been adjusted to correctly lead the player to all 4 tools
  • Primer and Detonator icons have been added to all Interceptor gear
  • Corrected a user interface issue where a player’s ultimate would show as available when it isn't

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Avatar image for marcus_graham

Another one of those games where you should wait atleast a year to pick up if you want a full game worth if content.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

Hey bioware, got a question for you. So, I'm about to drop around 60 bucks for plat on warframe, and that's after like 800 hours playing it without having payed a dime. You ask me for 60 to even be able to play. Why should I get anthem? What more do you offer me? What more do you offer to people who dropped more than a 100 bucks on destiny? Demo certainly didn't have anything remarkable to show for it besides the flying around gimmick, and from what ive seen from walkthroughs the story ain't that good.

Avatar image for spike1980

@PETERAKO: You know not PAYING for Warframe isn't helping the team produce more content for you or helping the dev survive. Gloating about not paying is actually worse for Warframe than moaning about paying for Anthem and the state of EA...

Avatar image for PETERAKO

@spike1980: Eventually it got my money, didn't it?

Avatar image for m_nay2008

@PETERAKO: Fair questions

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

I gotta say, this early access thing is a really dumb move. So they let some people play it early, before even releasing the day one patch fixing a lot of the issues. So now everyone who has early access can enjoy the buggy mess, while the rest of the folks who care about the game get to watch those people play the buggy mess. All in all making for some really poor publicity. Yeah, the marketing guys at EA are true geniuses. All to promote their crappy service and online platform.

Avatar image for BAKGRIND

@Atzenkiller: You have to love the fact that the consumer basically paying to beta test the game. Admittedly there is no risk in buying early from handful of developers out there. But, in this case it's really easy since its a Bioware, EA game. Which is to say this is what we have come to expect from them both.

Avatar image for xhedon

Looking forward to playing this on my Xbox One X.

Avatar image for Dilandau88

Played the demo and loved it. Super fun. Can't wait to sink my teeth into it. Pre-ordered for PS4. Friday can't come soon enough!

Avatar image for mister_b

Nothing regarding optimization and high CPU usage? This game uses high cpu usage for no reason.

This game is a pain to run and very mediocre. Nothing really exciting. You just shoot adds, then defeat a bullet hose boss.

Avatar image for oCAFFEINEo

@mister_b: Aren't games high in usage over the other? Like CSGO is high in CPU usage.

But I would think it would depend on what res and frame rate you're playing at as well: 1080p60, 1440p144 or 4K60 etc.

Avatar image for pongman1975

Im not having many issues playing that deter me from liking it. But its good to see Bioware is fixing up some things that need it. This game is great imo. Dont listen to the kids who hate it because it isnt Fortnite lol.

Avatar image for millionsedge

Lots of toxic hate for a game people have barely played.

Avatar image for skippert

@millionsedge: This is not toxic hate, this is consumers that are sick and tired of being screwed over by publishers and their unfinished games. People should be inclined to be more critical of what they buy in gamespace, like they do for nearly everything else - Have you ever paid full price for a movie for which the special effects suddenly stopped working halfway and then just let it be because it will probably be patched in a few months, the publisher and director promised to fix it afterall... Gamers have become so lazy and roll over like the whales they are so easily and EA loves them for it. But hey go ahead and pay extra money for your early access so you can bugtest a broken game that was finished months ago for them.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@skippert: It hasn't even launched yet and people are only playing in early access mode and without the day one patch. Essentially they are playing an open beta and people like yourself are hating on it already on the basis of being burnt by other games.

Take a moment to analyse what you've written.

Avatar image for skippert

@gotrekfabian: They are not playing an open beta, this is just a marketing strategy that focusses on "fear of missing out" and helps boost sales of their subscription services and more expensive versions of the game. Development of the game finished before early access for players started and essentially you are just doing the job of a person that a developer usually pays for to do. Aside from that whole story you have obviously missed all the carnage going on around this game - we dont have to get into all the details but fine, if you are going to be oblivious about this then go ahead and do so. The fact that you accept a first day patch as "the" solution to the problems going on in the gaming industry says enough.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@skippert: Trust me, this is also an "open beta" in the guise of an early access release just as the closed beta was masked by being called a VIP demo. People are playing an unpatched version of the game at present and, yes, it is a problem that companies are using gamers as a way of testing games as opposed to using paid staff to do so (I have commented on this times many times before and even did so on GS's topic regarding the VIP demo if you so wish to check).

My point, which you seem to miss, is that you are hating on this game without reason to do so and are even moving the goalposts when it suits you. Wait for the review and for footage of it being played in a post release state before you make your judgement or you yourself are in danger of becoming part of the issue concerning "everything wrong in the gaming world".

Avatar image for skippert

@gotrekfabian: Iam not moving any goalposts at all. Im judging on basis of what I see. And what I see is a game with nice verticality and good gunplay but as was expected its a glitchy mess with very repetitive gameplay. A day one patch is not going to fix all of this. As it stands now although a completely different game it looks like Anthem like Destiny will not be all it can be until months into release. I disagree with you on this stand that supposedly you are playing closed and open BETAs, they would have called it exactly that if it was. (you are not supposed to pay to take part in BETAs you know). But lets just call that a difference of opinion.

All I know is that they are not making money of mine and they are saving and making money of yours.

This title is one that I was very much looking forward to you know. I want to buy this game, and I will be back to read reviews once it releases to everyone on the 22nd but mark my words its going to be a 7/10 and a lot of people are going to be bored really quickly. This isnt hate im spewing, people should be more critical of what they buy in gamespace as I have repeatedly said before.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@millionsedge: Oh yeah, I bet the full game is so different from the demo. Just as Destiny turned out completely different from the public beta they were doing as well. Back then I thought that "no way could this be a portion of the game, there must be tons of more content like that". Yet the doubters turned out to be right. Those who somehow seemed to know that yes, the 2 planets available in the beta with everything on them were pretty much half of the game.

But at least Destiny didn't have all the technical issues this game has. And it had no NPCs, while Bioware added some for this game, with meaningless dialogue and frequent "A or B?" choices, just because it's Bioware and they usually make RPGs.

Avatar image for pongman1975

@millionsedge: agreed. The 10 hour demo isnt the entire game. It gets better the further I play lol. Kids these days hate everything because its cool now or something. Im having a blast playing this game.

Avatar image for shamatuu257

This is too much for 1game. why were most of them not i the game already?.I guess b/c EA rushed them and needed a day 1 patch this much. Like EA is so trash and so is Bioware too now.

Avatar image for santinegrete

Well suport is working well it seems :D

Avatar image for gamestopisntgood

And where is the issue regarding invisible enemies killing you before they even spawn in the game world? Thats probably the most severe issue next to loading times and it's not even listen on here, this game is broke.

Avatar image for pongman1975

@gamestopisntgood: Im 35 hours into the game and havent encountered anything you just said. The loading times are mainly on consoles, not on pc. The game runs just fine for me, and its definately not broken lol.

Avatar image for gamestopisntgood

@pongman1975: Congrats on being the minority, this game isn't running very well for a large portion of people including all 3 of my friends who play with me. Just look at the volume of the patch notes, that should tell you what state the game is in.

Avatar image for pongman75

@gamestopisntgood: ive seen much worse. I think people expect too much nowadays. Bioware will fix the issues soon tho. I may not have noticed some of these issues due to being unaware of them in the first place. Game runs fine overall. And it's fun.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

That is one extensive patch.

Avatar image for Dilandau88

@lionheartssj1: You've clearly not seen many patch notes before if you think this is extensive lol

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

@Dilandau88: I guess not, haha.

Avatar image for BigFeef

Played both demos and about 10-12 hours of the game in early access along with my brother-in-law who played over 20 hours. I've gotta say; that $15-$20 was well worth it for him because he'll be dodging a big bullet on this game. I was going to wait at least 6 months on this game anyway; but he had it on pre-order. I now doubt either of us will be getting this game now. RIP BioWare. It was nice knowing you; but you are just not the same anymore.

Anthem is pure garbage; and all of EA/BioWare's lies about what this game was going to be have been, thankfully, laid bare during the early access period. This is Andromeda all over again: there is only so much you can do to try to fix a turd.

Avatar image for pongman75

@BigFeef: "RIP BioWare. It was nice knowing you; but you are just not the same anymore."

Wow. I think the oposite. Bioware has made MANY great games, with a few stinkers just like everyone else. If you think Anthem is bad, its ok. I think theyre back on track with this one. And to say RIP Bioware is just plain dumb. Give em a cpl weeks then watch this game take off. Unless youre just another one who hates everything like most kids nowadays. Peace.

Avatar image for cottonfly

So what is this? A game-changing patch being cobbled together from a few weeks' worth of feedback? After the game was in development long? Did not a single person actually play test this garbage?

And we are actually meant to believe that all will be fixed with this day 1 patch? LMFAO!!! How naive are people.

Avatar image for pongman1975

@cottonfly: Most games Ive played lately have had a day 1 patch. If this game is garbage to you, thats your opinion. Most people playing the FULL game and not the 10 hour demo are loving it. I think the game is outstanding. Maybe you need to progress more and see for yourself. Games are made to be fun, not perfect. No game made IS perfect. When you find one that is, let me know.

Avatar image for cottonfly

@pongman1975: LOL OK blind fanboy.

Avatar image for pongman1975

@cottonfly: why the insult? I was just explaining my view of it. Im 43 dude. Too old to be a fanboy, but old enough to game on ALL platforms. I like PS, XB, and PC games. Dont see why some of you here see it as an argument. ITS A FREAKING VIDEO GAME! lol. Most people I talk to here are decent with their own views, but Im not going to insult someone for their opinion. Ive seen games I think are trash, and logical conversation with some of these gamers here have changed my mind about some of them. Take your crap to IGN with your "i gotta win and get the last word" BS. What games do you like to play? I can probably come up with some kind of snide comment about it too, but I wont because I respect others views.

Avatar image for gamestopisntgood

@pongman1975: Apex launched out of nowhere in pretty good shape, same with Resident Evil 2. Stop defending a title that's broken just because you some how have a magical bug-free copy. EA doesn't deserve support even if the game launched flawlessly.

Avatar image for pongman75

@gamestopisntgood: There are issues for some players, but the game is FAR from broken. Mine works well, but there are a few things to fix. This is very common now with big game releases. EA has had a few issues and I can see why people hate em, but Im a firm believer in redemption, and it looks like Bioware is on top of things. At least theyre not scrambling to answer negative media backlash like last year. Day 1 patches are common. Ive noticed a few minor issues such as the weapons firing rounds while reloading, and when the javelyn turns on the launch pad, and an enemy spawn bug. But it doesnt break the game. RE2 and Apex both had day 1 fixes also. Peace