Ant-Man Writer Says He Was Surprised By Scorsese's Anti-Marvel Comments

"I felt like, c'mon Marty, what are you doing?"


Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese generated headlines when he criticized Marvel movies, labelling them "not cinema." Marvel's chief creative officer recently weighed in, and now the writer of 2015's Ant-Man has shared his thoughts on the drama as well. Speaking to Deadline, Adam McKay said he was flabbergasted by Scorsese's anti-Marvel movie comments.

"I wrote one, Ant-Man, and I love 'em," McKay said about superhero films. "I felt like, c'mon Marty, what are you doing? You're an all-time hero, and some of those movies are really good."

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Scorsese said he tried to watch Marvel movies, but they never resonated with him so he stopped. Should Scorsese want to try again, McKay said he would recommend Thor: Ragnarok to the director--or to anyone else who doubts or belittles Marvel movies. "To anyone who disses superhero movies, I always say, watch Thor: Ragnarok. That movie is awesome," McKay said.

McKay is perhaps best known for his comedy work with Will Ferrell. He and Ferrell co-founded Gary Sanchez Productions, the company that created Funny or Die and produced numerous comedies such as Step Brothers, The Other Guys, Daddy's Home, and Anchorman 2. McKay later shifted into the drama category by directing The Big Short and Vice.

McKay and Ferrell have since left Gary Sanchez. McKay now heads up his own production company, Hyperobject Industries, which just recently signed a movie deal with Paramount and a TV deal with HBO.

Marvel's chief creative officer, Kevin Feige, recently spoke out for the first time (publicly at least) regarding Scorsese's comments. He said Scorsese is entitled to his opinion, but nothing he says will stop Marvel from making superhero movies.

"Everybody has a different definition of cinema. Everybody has a different definition of art. Everybody has a different definition of risk, I guess" Feige said. "All I know is, I'm surrounded by people 24 hours a day who live and breathe and love cinema. Some people don't think it's cinema. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Everyone is entitled to repeat that opinion.

"Everyone is entitled to write op-eds about that opinion, and I look forward to what will happen next. But in the meantime, we're going to keep making movies," he added.

Marvel recently wrapped up Phase 3 of the MCU, which included the dramatic events of Avengers: Endgame. Phase 4 is on the way, and it includes movies like Black Widow and Thor: Love & Thunder, as well as the TV shows WandaVision and Loki. For more, check out GameSpot's rundown of all the Marvel Phase 4 movies and TV shows revealed so far.

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