Another Three Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games Out Now

Child of Eden gets a new home.


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Xbox One's catalog of backwards compatible games has grown once again. Microsoft has announced three more Xbox 360 games have been added to the library and are now playable on the current-generation system.

First and foremost of the three is Child of Eden, a rhythm-action game from Tetsuya Mizuguchi that serves as a spiritual successor to one of his most acclaimed games, Rez. On Xbox 360, it featured Kinect support, but it can also be played with a standard controller. While not as strong of a game as Rez, in lieu of an Xbox One version of Rez Infinite, this is a very welcome addition to the Xbox One's catalog.

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Also now playable on Xbox One is KOF Sky Stage, a shoot-em-up spin-off of the King of Fighters fighting game series. And rounding out the list is Goat Simulator. This is another case of a game being made backwards compatible despite the existence of a native Xbox One version. While the latter is the ideal way to play on Xbox One, it's always nice to see fans gain access to the games they already own. As always, physical copies will work on Xbox One, or you can find digital copies in the My Games and Apps' Ready to Download section.

This is the second batch of new backwards compatible games to be released this month, following an earlier release of several Fable games. You can check out our full list for a look at all the Xbox One backwards compatible games. Support for original Xbox games is still on the way this year.

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