Another Soulja Boy Game Console Is Apparently In The Works

Rapper Soulja Boy is cranking that game console again after failing the first time.


It seems rapper Soulja Boy is getting back into console manufacturing after his first attempt failed when he was hit with cease-and-desist letters from major companies in the industry.

Soulja Boy tried getting into the console market in 2019 when he announced the Soulja Game Console but clarified that the business was focused on selling rebranded video game consoles and refurbished tech accessories at a markup. The rapper's ambitions were cut short after receiving threats of legal action, but Soulja Boy is back with "a new console from scratch."

According to a new Soulja Game Console Twitter account, the rapper is "building a new console from scratch [with an] all new design." It'll feature "all new games [and] all new deals," though specifics--such as its price and release date--are unknown.

A connected Instagram account shared recent photos of what might be the Soulja Game Console 2. It's apparent nothing has changed, as there's still a blatant PlayStation 2 controller on top of some inconspicuous white console that looks like an Xbox One S or Xbox Series S.

Many Twitter users are firing off jokey comments about ways to make it succeed. The advice on offer ranges from letting users own their in-game assets to selling games for $30 million.

Soulja Boy has not publicly commented on the console's existence. However, the rapper took to Twitter to retweet a story reporting the news, as well as confirming that "new Soulja Boy NFT's [are] on the way" while he continues working on something called SouljaCoin.

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