Another Small PS4 PS Plus Freebie Out Now

Grab some free stuff for Gems of War right now.


It's been a busy month for PlayStation Plus members. In addition to the usual slate of free games to download, we've seen several other bonuses pop up for subscribers, and now there's yet another to claim if you're a Plus member on PS4.

Periodically, Sony will offer some kind of free DLC pack to PS Plus members, usually for a free-to-play game--we've seen them for the likes of Smite and Orcs Must Die: Unchained. The latest of these is now available for a limited time. Gems of War, a free-to-play puzzle game from some of the same talent behind Puzzle Quest, has gotten a new DLC pack you can grab here for free if you're a PS Plus subscriber.

The Gems of War PS Plus Starter Pack effectively acts as a booster pack. It provides you with the Nobend Brothers troop in addition to 2,500 Souls and 10 Gem Keys, both of which are in-game currencies. This is not to be confused with the existing PlayStation Plus Bundle, which is also still available to Plus members and provides an assortment of Souls, Keys, and other bonuses. (Grab that here.) The new Starter Pack is only available for a limited time--it expires along with the rest of February's PS Plus freebies on March 5.

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Among the other things Plus members can get right now are February's standard six free games, a bonus PSVR game, and a cosmetic item pack for Fortnite: Battle Royale. Additionally, if you claimed the original version through a much older PS Plus promotion, the newly released Reloaded Edition of Mercenary Kings can be downloaded for free.

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crap games phone games

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Too little and too late. This month sucked.

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Giving out free aids. No thanks PS plus

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This is a terrible month for PS+ games. Knack rightfully earned its 4/10 rating and Rime is another clone indie platformer piece of crap.

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This has the smell of "Sponsored news" all over it.

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@Warlord_Irochi: how it sponsored,,it a game site handing your news on games,,,

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@sinister432: The article header sells it as an extra game inside the PS+ lineup, when is actually a microtransaction-driven F2P game and what's free is just one of their booster packs.

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Just trash nobody wants even for free.

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@Tidus1012: When you’re right, you’re right.

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@Tidus1012: Speak for yourself.

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@atenza: You’re easily entertained then and no one should ask you if a game is good or not.

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@frosty988: and you are a child who should stay away from message/review boards until you grow up a little more. You have no idea what games I like and don't like. I didn't even say if liked any of these games or not. Both of your comments are incredibly presumptuous and naive. I would wager that you haven't even played any of the titles in the article.

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@atenza: Only a real child, such as yourself, would get so worked up about what a complete stranger says on the internet... grow up. Also, you criticize me for not knowing what games you like and then you completely contradict yourself by assuming I haven’t played any of these games. Think about that for a second, kid.

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@frosty988: You win this time. Sorry I Triggered you. I forgot you need your safe spaces. You are right I asked everyone and played all these games myself and they are all trash. Have a nice day.