Another Persona 5 Countdown Clock Has Emerged

New information set to be revealed this month ahead of the game's September launch in Japan.


Atlus is teasing fans once again with an impending Persona 5 announcement slated for next week.

More specifically, Atlus appears to have seven different reveals planned. The RPG's Japanese website has been updated with a series of countdown timers--something Atlus seems to be a big fan of--ending around the same time on July 19.

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The site isn't specific about what we'll see, but ads for the event have been spotted on Japanese video streaming site Niconico. According to a translation by Gematsu, part of the ad mentions seven announcements and the phrase "Preliminary Investigation File." That could mean we'll be hearing new details about the game's story.

Unfortunately, these announcements are intended for Japan, which makes sense--Persona 5 launches there in September, but won't be out in North America until February 14, 2017. The game's English website doesn't feature any countdown timer, though you can expect any new information to be translated shortly after it's revealed. We'll report back with anything interesting next week.

We learned a number of new things about Persona 5 at E3 in June, including the fact that you can expect to be quizzed in school. Meanwhile, the game and its menus continue to look stunning.

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